Emilia at an initial appears to be among her husband Iago’s puppets. Once Iago wants to collection up the figure of inappropriate behavior between Cassio and also Desdemona, that decides the “my mam must move for Cassio to she mistress” (2.3.) and shortly thereafter Emilia facilitates a meeting between Desdemona and Cassio, and also encourages her mistress to advocate on instead of of Cassio. Later, once Desdemona coincidentally drops she handkerchief, Emilia seizes the opportunity to choose it up, noting the “my wayward husband afoot a hundred time / Wooed me to steal it” (3.3.). She shows only a tiny amount of suspicion regarding what Iago plan to execute with it, and accepts his refuse to phone call her. This actions indicate that Emilia, at least initially, is at ideal passive, and also at worst complicit in Iago’s schemes. He regularly speaks high solution or rudely to her, as when he quips “It is a usual thing… to have a foolish wife” (3.3.) arguing he no respect her intelligence.

However, together the activity progresses, Emilia discover a sharp-eyed and self-aware view on how women are often vulnerable to abuse at the hands of your husbands. She speak Desdemona that “they eat us hungerly, and also when they are complete / they belch us” (3.4.) and later defines to she mistress that “I perform think that is your husbands’ faults / If wives do fall” (4.3.). Emilia likewise shows courage and also self-assurance in chastising Othello for doubting his wife’s virtue, scolding him “If girlfriend think various other / eliminate your thought” (4.2.). When she realizes Othello has actually killed Desdemona, Emilia instantly lashes the end at him, stating “Thou dost belie her and also thou art a devil” (5.2.). Also though she is in a extremely dangerous situation, alone v a guy who has actually just proven himself capable of murder and might well death her in order to conceal his crime, Emilia fearlessly insists on happen him come justice, explaining “I’ll do thee recognized / despite I lost twenty lives” (5.2.).

As she realizes the duty her husband has actually played in bringing about Desdemona’s death, Emilia insists on outing Iago’s plot, stating in former of everyone that “your reports have set the murder on” (5.2.184). Iago consistently threatens her and also tells she to be quiet, however Emilia insists that “I will speak as liberal as the north” (5.2.). Her insistence on speak out expenses her her life when Iago stabs her in desperation. Emilia i do not care a parallel come Desdemona, as one more woman killed by she husband for insisting on a truth that he did not desire to hear. However, while Desdemona’s fatality reflects the killing of an innocent victim, Emilia dies seeking atonement for her participation in Iago’s crimes. Emilia aided Iago sway Othello of Desdemona’s guilt, and also while she cannot undo Desdemona’s death, she can at the very least bear witness come the truth of what yes, really happened. Emilia dies hoping that her last bravery will certainly redeem her previous silence and also obedience: “So come my heart to bliss, together I speak true” (5.2.), but her death also shows that within the world of the play, there is no promise the a happy fate because that a woman.

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