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The answer come this have the right to be found in chapter 22 of To death a Mockingbird. We space not told specifically how Atticus felt in ~ the moment the verdict to be announced, despite Scout explains him together "tired" several times in the hours before the decision is given. Indeed, this is...

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The answer to this have the right to be discovered in thing 22 that To kill a Mockingbird. We are not told precisely how Atticus felt at the minute the verdict was announced, though Scout explains him together "tired" numerous times in the hours before the verdict is given. Indeed, this is how he defines himself to Aunt Alexandra as he goes to bed after returning from court ~ above the night the the verdict: the is "not bitter, just tired." His remarks come his youngsters demonstrate the he is disappointed, though, being thoroughly mindful of the realities of race in Maycomb County, not surprised. That acknowledges come Jem (who if anything, bring away the decision harder 보다 Atticus) the the decision is "not right" and when asked exactly how the jury might have arrived at such a verdict, says with resignation that "they’ve done it before and they did it tonight and also they’ll carry out it again." 

But Atticus is not entirely without hope. The following morning, before he encounters the hills of food brought to the house by several sympathizers, the reassures Jem that the situation will it is in heard top top appeal. We discover in thing 24, of course, that Tom is shot and also killed supposedly trying come escape. At this point, Alexandra observes that the news, and his role in the psychological in general, "tears him come pieces." transparent the book, and also especially in Chapters 22 v 24, we watch that Atticus, though a stoic figure, bears a hefty burden in the kind of the trial. This is not a surprised to him--as mentioned before, he is well conscious of the social and also racial dynamics in Maycomb, but it plainly takes a toll fee on the man.

You can uncover the quotes over in the Warner publications edition the To kill A Mockingbird (1988), pages 215-221.