The Merriam-Webster dictionary offers the following as its 2nd defintion for the word RASPBERRY:

rasp�ber�ryPronunciation: "raz-"ber-E, -b(&-)rE2 : : a sound that contempt make by protruding the tongue in between the lips and also expelling waiting forcibly to develop a vibration; broadly : an expression of disapproval or contempt .

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The raspberry, or razzberry, or Bronx Cheer is among the all-time great sounds. However even though a baby have the right to do it, no one can actually assignment it.

Cartoonist have struggled with this because the dawn that time. I"m certain there"s a cavern painting what of a cro-magnon guy sticking his tongue out, v some mangled word scrawled over it in a futile attempt to catch the moment.

The following is a collection of valiant and also horrendous raspberry order in print...



"THBPBPTHPT!"by: invoice Watterson

Very exceptional attempts in ~ tackling the spelling have the right to be discovered in the forever excellent Calvin & Hobbes. Mr. Watterson strives to record the complexity and nuance the a appropriately executed raspberry.



One the my favorite cartooning display screens of the raspberry sound is featured top top the standard "Whoopee Cushion" art. The artist has totally given up on trying to spell it - opting instead for the borderline-insane "Poo."


All I understand is, there"s nothing far better than that dog being blown out of frame.

UNTITLEDby: Charles Schulz

In this early Peanuts drawing,Charles Schulz didn"t even give native a go.



"BLAH!"by: Charles Schulz

Years later Mr. Schulz shows up to have actually avoided tangling with the dreaded raspberry, through going through "Blah!"

My wife says this isn"t even an attempt at a raspberry, and also shouldn"t be consisted of here. (No sex for she tonight!)



"BLEAH!"by: Charles Schulz

Then I uncovered this one the splits the difference. He"s saying "Bleah!" but that tongue is definitely waggling more than a "bleah" calls for. Official ruling: partial raspberry. (Partial sex tonight!)


"THBBPTHBPT!"by: invoice Watterson

Raspberry worlds collide in Calvin & Hobbes, wherein we uncover Calvin"s uncle sit ON a whoopee cushion.

Just as I suspected, the doesn"t speak "poo" in ~ all. For this reason while this dashboard may have the remarkable raspberry spelling, it does NOT have actually that funny-ass dog. Christ, i love that tiny guy.

� 2005 Berkeley Breathed

"THPTPTH"by: Berkely Breathed

A double-shot of bill the Cat native Bloom County.

Sent in by Ben



Here is Kat"s handsome boyfriend in his Whoopie Cushion costume. (Curiously not taken on Halloween, however last Sunday top top their method to church.)



From the europe comic "The Adventures the Asterix."by: Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo

Sent in by Aditi.


"PRRFFZZZ"by: Walter Moers

Here is the sheathe of a "Kleines Arschloch" book by Walter Moers. Kleines Arschloch is a family name in Germany and other German speaking countries in Europe. "Kleines Arschloch" way "little asshole" in German.

This is likewise the first use the "Zs" in the Raspberry Museum.

From Florian

�2005 Lynn Johnston Productions, Inc

"SPPTTTOOO"by: Lynn Johnston

From the piece "For much better or Worse."SPPTTTOOO??!!!Possibly much more insane than "Poo."

Sent in by Sara.

CALLING every RASPBERRIES: If you guys come throughout any tries at spelling raspberries in currently cartoons, PLEASE email ME. Anyone submitting one the ends increase in the museum will certainly be bonus with an important goodies to it is in determined! (And many thanks to good ol" john at Robot Johnny and also Drawn! for helping me get the sphere rolling!)

6 brand brand-new entries make their means into the Raspberry museum! thanks to anyone for every the submissions.


"BBBRACK!"by: Chip Sansom

There might be no main spelling that a raspberry, yet I know "BBRACK!" ain"t it.

Sent in through K�roly, Taran, Char and also Laur

� 2003-2005 baby Blues Partnership.

"PBBBBTH!"by: rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott

Two because that one in the very same strip, spelled specifically the same. I find that difficult to believe. I favor to think that prefer snowflakes, every raspberry is different.

Sent in by Mir.



Not even trying! Why not at the very least be continual with the ludicrous "POO" prefer it is ~ above the really Whoopee Cushion in the very same package? Bizzare.

Sent in by Dan.

� 2000-2003 Ian McConville & Matt Boyd

"PTHHTHTHTPT"by: Ian McConville & Matt Boyd

Extensive use of the "TH" for a more subtle, understated raspberry.

Sent in by Edminster


"PHLIBTZZZZ!"by: Michael Fry

Another elusive double-shot. Quite "Z" work-related on the finish.

Sent in by JB

� Dupuis 2005


My new favorite. Pure insanity. The male in the center isn"t reacting to the people, yet to just how ridiculous the order is.

Visit the whole Cartoon Raspberry Museum here.



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