Dude is a really useful and common word. As a result, you might want come learn how to to speak this native in Spanish. For the reason, we compiled a list through 9 well-known Spanish native that mean ‘dude’. Since this indigenous is very casual, every Spanish speaking nation will have its own term(s).

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So in bespeak to know where to apply the words the we’ll show you, make certain to review their summary carefully. Fortunately, several of these words are so distinctive that, even though they may not use them all, Spanish speakers from other nations are maybe to know them. By the end of this list, you will have actually 9 different ways to say dude in Spanish.

Heads-up: Some of this words may have actually other meanings, so because that the purposes of learning various words because that ‘dude’ in Spanish, nothing pay fist to their literal translations.

1. Loco

Even though in typical Spanish ‘loco’ is the straight translation the ‘crazy’, in casual conversations this native is likewise used as a synonym because that dude. ‘Loco’ is popular among young people and also it’s largely used amongst men. Spanish speakers use ‘loco’ directly with the human being they’re talking to.

Countries wherein ‘loco’ method ‘dude’:

CubaDominican RepublicPuerto RicoNicaraguaUruguayHondurasEcuador

¿Cómo estás, loco?How room you, dude?

Dale, loco, nos vemos en la nocheOkay, dude, see friend tonight

Oye, loco, ¿a qué hora nos vamos?Hey, dude, what time space we leaving?

Take Note: Since ‘loco’ is supplied in many countries together a synonym of ‘dude’, many Spanish speaker are conscious of this meaning.

2. Tío / Tía

If you’re finding out Spanish, girlfriend may have actually heard tío or tía before. Also though castle are translated as ‘aunt’ and also ‘uncle’, in Spain these words may likewise mean dude when provided in not blocked contexts. Unequal ‘loco’, tío is offered for both men and also women. But keep in mind that if you’re talking to a girl, you’ll should use tía.

This word deserve to be used either to talk directly to a friend or to refer to someone that you nothing know.

Mira, ese tío de black te puede ayudarLook, the dude in black color can assist you

Tía, ¿qué estás haciendo? Esa es mi bolsaDude, what are you doing? it is my bag

¿Qué tal estuvo tu viaje a México, tío?How to be your expedition to Mexico, dude?

Take Note: ‘Tío’ is a an extremely distinctive word from Spain. Also though various other Spanish speakers understand this meaning, in other countries ‘tío’ is applied with its typical meaning.

3. Tipo

Tipo is the standard term ‘guy’ or ‘dude’. Together a result, you have the right to use the in all Spanish speak countries. In stimulate to use this word properly, there is miscellaneous you should know. We just use ‘tipo’ to refer to a man that you don’t know and we never use it straight to contact that person.

¿Quién es este tipo?Who is this dude?

El tipo de la tienda car mandó esto, ChrisThe dude from the store sent you this, Chris

¿Cómo se llama el tipo que se sienta con David?What’s the surname of the dude that’s sitting through David?

Take Note: ‘Tipo’ is the direct translation of ‘guy’, however it can also be used as Spanish word for ‘dude’. The feminine form, tipa would be translated as ‘girl’ or woman’.

4. Güey

Güey (guey or wey) is just one of the most popular Mexican slang words and also one that its numerous meanings is being a synonym of ‘dude’. Güey is very well recognized by all Mexican speakers; however, due to the fact that it’s quite informal, we just use that in casual conversations. ‘Güey’ have the right to be supplied for both men and women.

¡Qué onda, güey! ¿Estás listo?What’s up, dude! Are you ready?

Te dije que necestiba mi sueter hoy, güeyI called you the I necessary my sweater today, dude

¡Güey! ¡No le digas eso a tu novia! Se va a enojarDude! Don’t say that to your girlfriend! she going to acquire mad

Just as it is the situation with tío, Spanish speaker from other nations are mindful of this word. Together a result, if you use it in various other countries, world will have the ability to understand you.

Take Note: Güey can be written as guey or wey. Mexican speakers likewise use the shortened version we (don’t express it as ‘we’ in English) which quiet keeps the exact same meanings.

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5. Mae


Mae is a Costa Rican slang expression that means either ‘friend’ or ‘dude’. As casual word, ‘mae’ have the right to only be supplied in casual conversations. Unlike various other words from this list, ‘mae’ may not be an extremely well well-known in other Spanish speak countries. Therefore, shot to usage it only in Costa Rica or be ready to explain to human being what this native means.

Bueno, mae, nos vemos mañanaWell, dude, see friend tomorrow

¿Qué me dice, mae, cómo está la familia?So what’s up, dude, how is your family?

Creo que ese mae vive a la vuelta de mi casaI think the dude lives roughly the corner from my house

Take Note: As casual word, ‘mae’ will differ its definition depending top top the context. On peak of this, ‘mae’ can be supplied for both girls and boys.

6. Tronco

Tronco is another casual word indigenous Spain that can be provided as a method to say ‘dude’. As soon as using this word, keep in mind that ‘tronco’ expresses some level of familiarity. Together a result, world use the to call a friend fairly than introduce to someone that they don’t understand (which we execute with ‘tío’ or ‘tipo’).

¿Cómo va todo, tronco?How is whatever going, dude?

Pero tronco en que buen lío te has actually metidoDude you have gotten into a lot of trouble

¿Qué pasa, tronco? ¿Por qué no viniste a trabajar?What’s up, dude? Why no you involved work?

Take Note: This an interpretation of ‘tronco’ deserve to only be applied to Spain. Depending on the Spanish speaking country you space in, tronco will have different slang meanings. For example, in Mexico and also Colombia, this native is a synonym for ‘clumsy’.

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7. Chabón

In Argentina, chabón is casual word the young world use come say ‘dude’. ‘Chabón’ is similar to ‘tío’ in the sense that you have the right to use that to contact your friends or to describe a human being that you don’t know. Since ‘chabón’ is a very localized term, various other Spanish speakers might not be familiar with this native or if castle are, they’re very likely to usage it with various other meanings.

¿Quién es ese chabón?Who is the dude?

Ese chabón habla español muy bienThat dude speaks Spanish an extremely well

¿Qué vas a hacer el fin de semana, chabón?What room you walk to execute this weekend, dude?

8. Asere

In Cuba, ‘asere’ is a really popular slang word come say ‘friend’ or ‘dude’. This indigenous expresses familiarity through the various other person, as a result, it’s fairly popular among friends. Similar to ‘tío’ in Spain and also ‘güey’ in Mexico, asere is very representative that Cuban Spanish. In fact, once we have actually a Cuban girlfriend we’ll use words ‘asere’ through him or her.

¡Asere! ¿Qué bola?Dude! What’s up?

Oye, asere, ¿cuándo te vas para México?Hey, dude, when space you leaving because that Mexico’

Asere, pero tú no me habías dicho que Linda era tu noviaDude, you no tell me the Linda was her girlfriend

9. Compa

‘Compa’ is another popular slang word to say ‘dude’. Typically speaking, compa is more commonly used when talking to men. On optimal of using this word come refer to males that they don’t know, Spanish speakers use ‘compa’ through their closest friends too.

This word can be provided with this an interpretation in:

ArgentinaCosta RicaMexico

¿Quién es este compa?Who is this dude?

Compa, ¿ya está listo mi carro?Dude, is my auto ready?

Ándale, compa, vamos un ratito y nos regresamos tempranoCome on, dude, let’s walk for a little while and also we’ll leaving early

Take Note: Compa can have actually other supplies in Mexico, therefore make certain you pay fist to the context.

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Wrapping Up

Most Spanish learners’ score is to have the ability to speak Spanish and also sound as herbal as possible. For the reason, we developed a list v 9 various words that you can use to say ‘dude’ in Spanish. On top of extending your vocabulary, these well-known words will allow you to use terms that room widely common amongst Spanish speakers. Just make sure to select the finest option for her situation.