Brazilians don’t just feel enthusiasm – they take on it. Unafraid to screen their emotions, the not unusual to profess solid emotions on a very first date – ~ all, if you feeling it, why not say it? The sing-song rate of the Portuguese language is filled v passionate and heartfelt expressions that capture the soot of their love. Below are several of the ways to say ‘I love you’ in Brazilian Portuguese.

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The many traditional method to speak ‘I love you’ in Brazilian Portuguese is te amo. Choose its English translation, it have the right to be used amongst close friends and also as the very first definite statements of the beginning of a serious relationship. A Brazilian might wait come say the or may also say it after a couple of dates – there are no rules. The is just said as soon as the minute feels right; hiding love-fuelled emotions doesn’t register. You deserve to say eu também te amo to to speak ‘I love you too’.


If it’s tho the early on stages that a relationship, saying ‘I love you’ may feel also strong. A Brazilian has tendency not come throw about these three special words and says them once they typical them – no matter just how fleeting the love transforms out to be. In the situation of emotion something much more than merely friendship in the direction of someone however it’s not quite love, you have the right to say eu gosto muito de você, to median ‘I really prefer you’. Alternatively, you can say eu gosto tanto de você, which is another means of saying ‘I like you therefore much’.

To to speak ‘I adore you’ in Portuguese, you would certainly say te adoro. To say te adoro is no as solid or meaningful as to say te amo so it’s a an excellent expression to use in the early stages that a relationship.


If you desire to ask your lover out and also turn your love official, you can want to say vai namorar comigo? i beg your pardon means, ‘will you walk out through me?’. Namorar is come ‘go the end with’, therefore you are officially a boyfriend or a girlfriend. If girlfriend haven’t rather reached the stage of being a couple, yet you room definitely more than simply friends, climate you are ficando. Ficar is come ‘see someone’ or to ‘date who casually’. Over there are number of layers come this – you deserve to either ficar com or sem compromiso – the former where you room seeing one human exclusively and also the latter is once you room seeing someone without any type of commitment.

When the the phase of a connection where love i do not care all-consuming and the butterflies in the tummy become a daily part of life, Brazilians say, estou apaixonado por você come say ‘I’m falling in love with you’ or ‘I’m in love v you’. If your feelings are even stronger and also you’re emotion truly stunner in love, climate you deserve to say estou perdidamente (or completamente) apaixonado por você, which translates to ‘I’m fall (or i am) head over heels in love with you’.


Brazilians space often incredibly romantic and also have a selection of wonderful phrases that can make friend feel prefer the center of the world. After part time in a important committed relationship, you might start to view your companion as your far-reaching half, who that provides you feel whole. For these moments, the Brazilian Portuguese language has a beautiful expression that sums that up perfectly – você me completa come say ‘you do me feeling complete’.

Another romantic expression for a an ext serious relationship is você é o mundo para mim, which method ‘you space my world’. The is usually conserved for a severe relationship and also serves to display just how essential the significant other is to the person who declares this heartfelt statement.


When 2 lovers are apart and are working through a distance-relationship, the Brazilian Portuguese language has the perfect expression that captures that pain and also anxiety the being much away from love ones. Rather than just saying ‘I miss out on you’, Brazilians say tenho saudades de você or simply, saudades de você. The weight of the native is hard to interpret into English but it method ‘I miss out on you’ yet through feelings that longing prefer you really feel a hefty heart learning that your loved one is much away.

When friend feel that someone is the most necessary person or element of her life, in Brazilian Portuguese you have the right to say você é tudo pra mim which converts to ‘you are every little thing to me’. It’s the perfect expression to use on Valentine’s job – or Dias dos Namorados (Boyfriend and Girlfriend Day) in Brazil – or because that Brazilians, any type of moment once the feelings of passion, love and desire come to be overpowering.


When you’re important in love, you’ve discovered the one and also there is no-one else the you would want to be with, climate you can call this human o amor da minha vida, or ‘the love of mine life’. Back not frequently used in the early stages of getting to understand someone, it’s definitely acceptable once the connection gets serious. In long-term relationships, that is regularly provided as a pet name for a love one in Brazilian Portuguese.

Querido, docinho and amorzinho space affectionate pet names for a love one in Portuguese. Querido(a) roughly translates to sweetheart or dear. Docinho equates to ‘little sweet’ i beg your pardon would have actually the an interpretation of ‘cutie’. Amorzinho translates to ‘little love’ however the ‘little’ part is a sign of affection fairly than intensity of the love.

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That emotion of love have the right to be utterly consuming and also makes us think of small else other than the human being we space falling for. If you desire to tell your Brazilian lover just just how much they space on your mind, tell castle não consigo parar de pensar em você, which converts to ‘I can’t avoid thinking around you’.

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