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How come say tiny in Japanese: Sumōru (Chiisai)

Learning Japanese for travel or study? Let’s shot this term:

To say small in Japanese: Sumōru (Chiisai)Say it out loud: “Soo shopping center (Chee Sai)

You have the right to learn how to say small and also over 220 various other travel-friendly words and also phrases v our inexpensive, easy-to-use Japanese language cheat sheets. Us can aid you do your following trip to one more country even an ext fun and immersive. Click below!

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Some an ext helpful native in our Japanese Size/Amount category:

enough – Juubun (Jew Bunn)extra big – Ekusutora Lāji (Eh Kuss Tra Laah Ji)large – Lāji (Ookii) (Laah Ji (Oh oh Kee))less – Sukunaku (Soo Koo Nah Koo)medium – Midiamu (Mee Dee Am)more / add to – Motto / Sara Ni (Moh Ttoh / Sah Rah Nee)small – Sumōru (Chiisai) (Soo shopping center (Chee Sai))

And here’s just how to say tiny in other languages!

Arabic–Sagheer (sa geer)Chinese–Xiǎo (Shyao)Croatian–mali (mah lee)Czech–malé (mahl eh)Finnish–pieni (pe eh ni)French–Petit (puh tee)German–klein (kline)Italian–piccolo (pee koh low)Japanese–Sumōru (Chiisai) (Soo mall (Chee Sai))Korean–So (So)Polish–mały (ma" ly)Portuguese–Pequeno (peh ken oo)Russian–malen"kiy (mah leen keey)Spanish–pequeño (pay kain yo)Swahili–ndogo (n doh go)Thai–Lek (lek)Turkish–küçük (koo chuk)Vietnamese–Nhỏ (Nyuh)

"small" (Sumōru (Chiisai)), medium, large are the standard dimensions of almost everything including meals and also drinks in the Japanese culture. Now that you have actually learnt exactly how to to speak "small" (Sumōru (Chiisai)), learn the translation of tool and large through our instant access to the Japanese Language Set.


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