Could you please tell me how to say, "See?" in Spanish? This is prefer saying, "See what girlfriend did?" or "See, i told friend so!"

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This thread has actually a nice discussion on: See, i told you so:

The agreement seems to be that:

"¿Ves? ¡Te lo dije!"

Is typically acceptable.

Some would add “ya” some not.

Here is a comment on mira vs. Ves:

You would only use mira if you were pointing or referring to something actually visible, therefore the definition would it is in closer come "Look at that. Ns told you so." Ver in this paper definition is less specific, and encompasses the idea of entender, therefore the idea is much more that that "Do girlfriend perceive/understand/get what is happening?" The same applies to "see" in English in this context. In fact, you could say this (See?) come a remote person, or to someone in a pitch-black room, once no actual see is possible.

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There is somewhat a difference in between "Mira" the command--Look or see and also "Ves" or "Do girlfriend see."

EX. "¡Mira lo que has actually hecho! view (or look) what you have actually done!

"¿Ves lo que has actually hecho?" "See what you have actually done??"

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Hello miquita,

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You asked:

Could you you re welcome tell me exactly how to say, "See?" in Spanish? This is favor saying, "See what friend did?" or "See, i told friend so!"

Miquita, we often use the word see, however infact once you interpret the Spanish ago to English words look is closer come the Spanish meaning as in look what you have done:

Mira as in the sentence: ¡Mira lo que has hecho! = look (see) what you"ve done!

mira ¿no dare lo dije? = Look, i told friend so!

We regularly use the exact same word in English to analyze an idea indigenous Spanish to English however the Spanish regularly use a range of diferent words according to the context, for this reason be careful not to assume that the Spanish space going to use the exact same word together we do!

For example, us use words "get"i n English which have the right to mean come receive, come buy, come obtain, to understand, according to the context! ex"s

1 ns hope to acquire a new car next week (meaning: come buy Spanish verb: comprar)

2 She really hopes to obtain a bike because that her birthday (meaning to obtain Spanish verb recibir)

3." i don"t gain it!" said the college student to his teacher. (meaning to recognize Spanish verb entender)