Here friend will find out just how to wish Merry Christmas in various other languages. Learn how to say "Merry Christmas" around the world.

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How come say merry Christmas roughly the world



Afrikaans is on that the official languages spoken in southern Africa. Here world wish each various other "Blessed Christmas".

Merry Christmas in French




Germans wish each other "Frohe Weihnachten" or "Frohes Fest" which way Merry Christmas.

Read more about Christmas in Germany on our special page here.

Merry Christmas in Italian

"Buon Natale" is what the Italian say when they wish each various other Merry Christmas. Read just how the Italians storage Christmas in Italy here.

Merry Christmas - Arabic version

In Arabic speaking Lebanon, the numerous Christians storage Christmas together well. An ext than one 3rd of the Lebanese civilization are Christians. Over there are however many an ext Lebanese people living exterior the country than in ~ Lebanon. Learn how to express the Arabic native here.

Merry Christmas in Hungarian

In Hungarian, human being say: "Boldog Karácsonyt". Listen below how to pronounce it correctly.

Finnish merry Christmas

The Finns wish: "Hyvää Joulua". Find ours Finland facts here and if you desire to know more about Christmas in Finland review on here.

Merry Christmas in Korean

The korean wishes are easily pronounced: meri ku-ri-su-ma-su. How about trying the out? hear to it here.

Happy Christmas in Chinese

While many of the Chinese people are not Christian, Christmas is a renowned celebration in the nation too. Carol singing and Christmas decorations have the right to be encountered and Christmas parties are hosted in plenty of places. So it is in prepared and also know how to say merry Christmas in Chinese. Read an ext about Christmas in China here.

Happy Christmas in Norwegian

In Norwegian the Christmas wishes are: "God Jul" i beg your pardon means an excellent Christmas.

Russian funny Christmas wishes

Russians celebrate Christmas on the 7th the January. Then human being wish each other Merry Christmas. In Russian you say this - uncover out here.

Merry Christmas in Portuguese

In Portuguese funny Christmas is: "Feliz Natal" which means Joyful or Happy Christmas.

Happy Christmas - Spanish translation

In Spanish you say: "Feliz Navidad" which means Joyful or Happy Christmas.

Philippines: just how to say merry Christmas in Tagalog

Tagalog is a language talked in the Philippines. Here people wish "Maligayang Pasko". Listen here to learn how to pronounce it correctly.

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Merry Christmas in Swahili

Kiswahili is spoken in plenty of countries in Africa such together Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania or Rwanda. "Heri ya Krismasi" way Merry Christmas in Swahili.

Celebrating Christmas in Africa?

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