Wherever your travels take you, you can speak the global language of ice cream!

In 2019, you’re likely to discover regular cacao ice cream anywhere, however if you desire a little an ext culture, we’ve obtained you covered. Listed below you’ll find out just how to say ice cream cream in seven various languages from about the world, and you’ll discover a tiny about the unique takes on ice cream girlfriend can discover in each country. It can just do you begin planning an international ice cream tasting tour.

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How to Say ice Cream in Mexico

How carry out you say ice cream in Spanish? One means is come order “paletas,” these mexican popsicles pictured room mango chamoy paletas photographed ~ above marble through some pleasure Waffle Cone piece scattered around.


In India, they have actually kulfi, a frozen dessert that is very comparable to what we understand as ice cream cream. Kulfi is additionally frozen dairy, however it’s no whipped or churned favor ice cream, for this reason it’s denser, creamier, and more like custard. Due to the fact that it’s for this reason dense, that melts an ext slowly, making the the perfect dessert for residents of the hot countries from India v the Middle eastern who eat kulfi. You can uncover kulfi in many flavors, but the timeless flavors space rose, pistachio, saffron, mango, cardamom, and cream.

How to Say ice Cream in Hindi

Kulfi – frozen cream dessertआइसक्रीम Aaisakreem – ice cream cream

How to Say ice Cream in Turkey

In Turkey, they have actually dondurma, one elastic and chewy ice cream. You can have watched videos that street sellers in Turkey serving ice cream. They have long metal scoops that stick to the ice cream cream cone, and they’re well-known to fake out their customers, offering them the cone attached come their lengthy scoop, climate pulling the back. They deserve to do that because the texture of Turkish ice cream is so different from American ice cream.

Dondurma is sticky and elastic, and also it can be stretched, pulled, and chewed. The thickened v something referred to as salep, mastic is added to provide it the chewy quality, climate it’s operated with mallets throughout the freezing procedure to store it flexible. This distinctive ice cream has actually a greater melting suggest and stays solid more easily in warm climates like Turkey. The mastic additionally gives dondurma a slight savory flavor.

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How to Say ice cream Cream in Turkish

Dondurma – ice cream creamDondurmamı ver! – give me my ice cream!

Now that us know just how to say “ice cream” in number of languages from roughly the world, we might move on to learning “Bring delight Home” next!

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