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Knowing just how to say hello in Burmese will come in really handy together you meet friendly human being again and again throughout Myanmar. Discovering a couple of simple expression in the local language constantly enhances the experience of visiting a new place. Doing so likewise shows world that you room interested in their lives and the local culture.

how to say Hello in Burmese

The quickest and also easiest method to speak hello in Myanmar sound like: ‘ming-gah-lah-bahr.’ This greeting is provided widely, back there space some slightly much more formal alterations possible.

Unlike in Thailand and also a couple of other countries, Burmese civilization don’t wai (the prayer-like gesture v palms with each other in former of you) as part of a greeting.

Tip: Contact in between males and also females is also more limited in Myanmar than various other Southeast eastern countries. Don’t hug, shake, or otherwise touch anyone of the contrary sex while saying hello in Myanmar.

how to Say give thanks to You in Burmese

If you’ve already learned just how to to speak hello, another good thing to understand is how to to speak “thank you” in Burmese. You will do it be making use of the expression often, as Burmese hospitality is almost unmatched in southeast Asia.

The many polite method to say thank you in Burmese is: ‘chay-tzoo-tin-bah-teh.’ Although the seems choose a mouthful, the expression will certainly be rolling off of your tongue conveniently within a couple of days.

An also easier way to offer gratitude -- the indistinguishable of casual “thanks” -- is with: ‘chay-tzoo-beh.’

The Burmese Language

The Burmese language is a relative of the Tibetan language, making the sound distinctively various than Thai or Lao. Like countless other languages in Asia, Burmese is a tonal language, meaning that every word have the right to have at the very least four interpretations -- depending on which ton is used.

Visitors typically won’t have to worry about learning the ideal tones ideal away for saying hello in Burmese due to the fact that greetings are understood through the context. In fact, hearing however, butcher the tones once trying to say hello commonly brings a smile.

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Burmese script is believed to be based on an Indian script from the an initial century BCE, one of the earliest writing equipment in main Asia. The 34 round, circular letter of the Burmese alphabet room beautiful but complicated for the uninitiated to discern! unlike in English, there room no spaces between words in composed Burmese.

Other beneficial Things to recognize in Burmese

Toilet: Thankfully, this is simple one. While world won’t understand variations such as “bathroom,” “men’s room,” or “restroom,” castle will recognize “toilet” and point you in the ideal direction. This tried-and-true travel preeminence holds for many countries approximately the world: constantly ask by making use of the ax “toilet.”
Kyat: The official money of Myanmar, the kyat, is no pronounced together it is spelled. Kyat is pronounced much more like ‘chee-at.’