just how to breed these species of dragon which have actually special elements (not fire, earth, tree etc.) on their tag in the game. Lock just have actually a sun, a moon or a rainbow. What straightforward elements should be mixed for every of them? Which type of (hybrid i suppose) dragons must I mix to attain those ones?


Rainbow Dragons are randomly bred native any mix that has at least 4 different elements.

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Moon/Sun dragons deserve to only be bred with a combo consisting of cold and lightning. Sun dragons are bred between 7am and 7 pm when moon dragons are bred in between 7pm and also 7am. No, that"s not a rumor. Dragons must be at the very least level 15 or greater or else this will certainly be really difficult.

Scorch/Cold are well-known pairings because that both sun and moon.

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Rainbow Dragons require at least 4 elements while Sun and also Moon need Lightning and also Cold. Sunlight Dragons have the right to be bred between 7AM and 7PM top top your maker clock. Moon Dragons deserve to be bred between 7PM and 7AM top top your maker clock. There are several possible combinations that can be used as listed on this handy chart.


I got a Rainbow Dragon by reproduction a level 10 blue fire through a level 10 decision Dragon on the an initial try. :)


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