Hello, there! how are you, lover of this splendid language? today we want to talk about something an extremely important: just how to say a tiny bit in Spanish? you will need this sentence every the time, particularly if just speak “a little bit” that Spanish. So, let’s see how to interpret this sentence and likewise how to usage it in various contexts. A tiny bit of this, a tiny bit of that, friend know. Let’s obtain started!

How come say a small bit in Spanish?

What’s the difference in between “un poco” and “un poquito“. Well, “ito” is a suffix in Spanish that way “little”. So, “un poquito” actually means “a little bit”, if “un poco” way “a bit”, “a few”, or just “a little”. So, choosing in between “un poco” and “un poquito” is no actually a big deal, let’s say the if you simply know a few words, that qualify more as “un poquito” than as “un poco”, right?

Let’s view some instances to make it clear!

-Hola, Juan, ¿cómo estás?

-Hola, Paula. Hoy estoy un poco triste (a little sad) porque mi perro murió.

-No lo puedo creer. ¿Estaba enfermo?

-Sí, estaba un poco enfermo (a little bit sick, a little sickly), últimamente comía muy poquito (very little) y casi no se movía.

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-Lo siento mucho, Juan. Poco a poco (little through little) vas a superarlo, no car preocupes.

What’s the difference in between “poco” y “pequeño”?

Well, that’s a an excellent question, right? it is really common to hear the students mixing up these two words because both can be interpreted as “little”. But, let’s watch what’s the difference between the 2 of them.

The indigenous “pequeño” is one adjective. That’s why girlfriend can readjust the gender and the number (singular or plural) that this word. For example:

-Mi auto es pequeño

-Mis hijos kid pequeños

-Mi casa es pequeña

-Mis hijas son pequeñas

We use “pequeño” to describe the size of a human or one object, and additionally to describe someone’s age.

So, in the first and the 3rd example, we have the right to translate “pequeño” and also “pequeña” as small. When you’re talking around someone, like the 2nd or the fourth example, you’re more than likely referring come the period of your children. But, friend can additionally say things like:

“Mi abuela se volvió más pequeña con los años” (My grandmother gained smaller over the years). So, below you’re no talking about age, but about the dimension of her cute small grandmother. Execute you see?

On the various other side, “poco” likewise works as an adjective when modifying nouns. For example:

Hay poca luz. No podemos tomar la foto.

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There’s low light. We can’t take it the picture.

Look what happens if you add “un (poco) de” to a noun:

Tengo un poco de sueño

Tengo un poco de alegría

Sueño is masculine if alegría is feminine. Anyway, every time you use the construction “un poco de” it never alters the gender of the word “poco”.

You can likewise use “poco” to talk about amounts of actions, to measure action, for example:

Él es muy callado, habla muy poco. He’s an extremely quiet. He doesn’t speak really much.

In this case, “poco” functions as one adverb, so that can change gender or number, it’s always masculine and also singular.

To sum up

So, remember this: poco = amount / pequeño = size/age. Pequeño= pay attention to gender and also number. Poco= look at what the word is editing to view if you require to readjust the word.

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