Do you great to discover out who poked friend on on facebook or you merely want to figure out how to poke those that poked friend back?
Let’s get started on the topic of how to see who poked you on Facebook using desktop computer and or mobile device.

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Unlike others space suggesting, the on facebook poking function is still a practical one. Facebook pokes is no gone, at the very least not yet.
You have the right to poke everyone on facebook at any suggest in time girlfriend logged into your account and wishes come poke.
N/B: You cannot poke one person much more than once, uneven the human pokes back…. Else some customers will wake up to see one thousands pokes indigenous a solitary friend. Lol

If you carry out really desire to view where Facebook has actually been hiding all her pending pokes including the pokes people poked you plus said pokes, be remainder assured that this write-up will it is in of one immense assist to you on this pokes recognize journey.

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How to Poke who on Facebook

Facebook users room as a issue of fact permitted to poke your friends or friend of their friends top top Facebook.

But, you have to note the whenever an FB user pokes someone, the user who was poked will obtain a notification about the poke… There’s no such point as silent poking… lol

How to check out Your Pokes top top Facebook


I have a question around Facebook and also I understand you’ll have the ability to answer it because that me.

I have a the majority of friends and also a bunch of castle poke me ~ above a continuous basis. Ns talking probably 30-40 pokes a day.

I don’t have actually time come respond to all the pokes together they come in for this reason I typically wait a couple of days and also poke everyone back at once.

I’ve constantly been able come click the “Pokes” link on the left side of the screen but for some factor it’s no longer arriving over there. Whereby did they move it to?


To price the question, facebook is always changing things increase on us and also things can gain confusing in ~ times.

I’ve noticed the the “Pokes” connect in the left-hand shaft seems to sort of come and go at random times. Right currently it’s being displayed on my page, however who knows about tomorrow, right?

I’ve discovered that occasionally when it’s absent I’ll uncover it “hiding” under the “More” link, yet not always.

Luckily, yes sir an easy means to always go right to her “Pokes” list. Simply visit this URL:

That’s the straight URL come the “Pokes” page and it never changes (well, at least they have actually never adjusted it in the previous as far as i know).

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I recommend the you bookmark that attach so you’ll always be may be to acquire to it with a click of her mouse. However it’s straightforward to remember the connect if you ever need to form it straight into her browser’s deal with bar. Merely append /pokes onto the finish of the simple Facebook URL!

That’s every there is come it. Now you know exactly how to always find her “FB Pokes” web page quickly.


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