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I simply put up our families first crabitat around 5 hours ago. The humidity is to run a bit high 85-90%. I know removing the sponge would reduce humidity, however someone in ~ the pet store told me crabs require the sponge to drink from.I"m starting to gain the impression that is no true. Deserve to anyone "in the know" comment?Thanks!
sponges space not vital for hermies come drink from....they will drink directly from the water dish,,,,sponges help with humidity if your crabitat has actually a propensity to run low (which you claimed was no a problem)...they can additionally be a safety feature for smaller hermies in huge water or piece of coral can serve the very same purpose.....
I"m no expert yet when crabs space in the wild they have no sponge to drink from. Simply the ocean, new water pool (from rain), everything other type of water lock find.
Yeah, my humidity is ~ above the high side, so i don"t use sponges in mine dishes. Just make certain that the crabs you have are maybe to obtain out that the dish okay without a sponge. One of my crabs is smaller sized than the various other ones, so I put a piece of coral right beside the water dish. I"ve seen her usage it to get out of the dish. An excellent luck with the new family additions!
Nope, ns don"t usage sponges either. The only time I used them, to be to keep some of my micros native drowning in a deeper pool. When my humidity started to rise, i switched the end the sponges in the water bowls because that a item of coral.
I use sponges for humidity, however I store it totally out that crab"s with so they don"t contaminate it w/ poop, food, mold, etc. Sponges space messy too. If girlfriend don"t require it for humidity I would rinse the in saltwater, let it dry the end completely, and put it in warehouse in case you have actually a humidity worry at a future time.

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I got sick the spongs as well - instead of them every pair days... Lol - who cares if castle aren"t needed?
I don"t usage sponges just because I gain too worried about the bacteria in them. If you space worried about a crab acquiring stuck in the water food you have the right to put a few pebbles or also some small shells in there for them to rise on.
I usage sponges for the humidity because I am always having this ANNOYING humidity problems!!!!
I"ve noticed that the hermes don"t drink native the sponge as lot as they clean themselves on it. It"s for this reason funny. They simply scrub their tiny claws right into it and also clean away.
There have been a pair of times i haven"t had actually a sponge in there and also they seemed to drink much more of the fresh water 보다 usual. You constantly have to clean or boil the sponge every one or 2 days to avoid bacteria development which have the right to be very harmful to the hermies. I"m really just using them due to the fact that of the humidity, however I truly agree the it is annoying to have to replace lock every pair of days. Hear to Angelfaery if you space worried about smaller crabs not being may be to acquire out safely. One tip: If you use sponges, do not use them in salt water bowl or pools!! They come to be really nasty quite quickly.
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