Why did the Union want to record Vicksburg?to end the war immediatelyto gain access to the Westto support basic Shermanto control the Mississippi River
Why walk the South rely on rivers for transportation during the polite War?The south did not have as countless railroads as the North.The South had armored gunboats come patrol waterways.The southern wanted to develop more an essential river forts.The South"s economic situation was based upon river transportation.

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What walk the Union hope to achieve in the West throughout the polite War?taking control over the Mississippi Riverwaging battle on open battlefieldsinvading the Confederacy indigenous the south and westgaining regulate of border states and important rivers
Why was new Orleans so important throughout the polite War?It was the critical Confederate fort on the Mississippi River.It was a an essential port because that the Confederacy.It was considered the funding of the Confederacy.It was wherein all Confederate armed forces planning occurred.
Who captured brand-new Orleans because that the Union in 1862?David FarragutRobert E. LeeUlysses S. GrantWilliam Sherman
Which of the following ideal describes the location of the Confederate ft of Vicksburg? on top of a hill surrounded by swampsnear a hill surrounded by riversapproachable in just one direction by landaccessible only from the Mississippi River
What military advantage did the Union have over the Confederacy in the West?It held control of crucial river forts.It had a fleet of armored gunboats.It had African American troops.It had actually European troops.
How did the come of Union reinforcements influence the outcome of the battle of Gettysburg?The Union was able to avoid much more casualties.The Union was able to host the line and also eventually win.The Confederacy surrendered immediately.The Confederacy had to take it a protective position.
Lee hope a Confederate success at Gettysburg wouldprovide the southern with europe allies.prevent the fall of Vicksburg.allow the southern to collection the regards to peace.provide beneficial resources for trade.
How did the battle of Gettysburg affect European governments?They withdrew their support from the Confederacy.They refused to identify the Confederacy as independent.They refused to assist in peace talks through the Union.They increased their army support the the Confederacy.
Before Gettysburg, many Civil war battles in the eastern were winner by the Confederacy.were won by the Union.were dealt with on Confederate soil.involved the army but no the navy.

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Which that the following best states the main reason because that the Union"s success in the West during the civil War?The Union had solid leadership in the West.The Union refused to attack the Confederacy in the West.The Union had more troops 보다 the Confederacy in the West.The Union to be fighting on familiar ground in the West.
Which that the following did the Union and the Confederacy fight for control of in the West?major citiesthe us capitalkey riversTexas

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