Ostrich Facts
Ostriches room large, non-flying birds that live in Africa. Besides in their natural environment, ostriches are frequently breed together farm pets because some civilization like come eat their meat, egg or come wear fashion assets made of their skin. Although lock are killed for advertisement purposes, they space not endangered. Over there are approximately 2 million ostriches that can be found around the globe.
Interesting Ostrich Facts:
Males, females and also young ostriches have different colors. Males can be known by black and also white color. Females and young space usually grayish, brownish and also white.
Ostriches have the right to survive without water a long period of time. They will absorb water indigenous the food lock eat.
They prefer to eat locusts and small animals such as lizards.
Ostriches space the fastest to run bird. They have the right to run faster than lions or leopards.
Ostriches don"t have a breastbone.
Unlike various other birds, ostriches have only two toes.
They have actually very strong legs. One kick deserve to kill a lion.
Ostrich has the best eyes in the whole animal kingdom. The eye is bigger than its brain.
Ostriches don"t hide your head in the sand. They will certainly lay your head ~ above the ground if they feeling a danger. Color of the head blends through the color of the ground and also it looks choose the head is concealed in the sand.
Adult ostrich has great immune system which means that it can"t become sick easily.
Ostriches space the biggest and heaviest bird. Castle lay huge eggs. One egg weighs prefer 24 chicken eggs. The takes 2 hrs to cook a solitary ostrich egg.
Female have the right to recognize her very own eggs also if they are combined up with other eggs.
Ostriches have actually a bad temper. If two family members (adults with young) meet in the wild, castle will start a fight. Winners will certainly take end the offspring the the beat couple.
Ostriches are very old birds. Castle are existing on the earth at least 120 million years.

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In captivity, ostrich have the right to live from 30-70 years.
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Ostrich facts