OBJECTIVES: Learning around maps and globes. Relenten different species of maps. VOCABULARY: chart world maps MATERIALS: internet

Students read about the background and uses of maps and also globes.

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Maps and globes are really important tools for identifying areas on the Earth’s surface. Both are representations of the real planet at a controlled size. A globe is a true depiction in miniature. A map is a level representation of one area, i m sorry usually has distortions. Words chart is occasionally used to describe a map.

In order to do a map you need to somehow job the image from a design of the planet (globe) ~ above a level piece that paper. Projections loss into three basic categories: planar, conic, and cylindrical.

PROCEDURE: The publication Maps and also Globes reviews the historic significance of these tools, and describes the different types of maps we use. Review the publication to the class. The an essential points derived from analysis the book are as follows. A. Thousands of years earlier our ancestors developed the map. B. As human being grew, better maps were needed. C. Charts space maps used to sail the vast oceans. D. But ancient world maps were extremely incomplete. E. The age of expedition begins, Columbus sails. F. Magellan sails, and proves that the earth is round. G. Globes room tiny models of our Earth. H. Maps deserve to put ours round planet on flat paper. I. Globes are the most realistic human being maps. J. The equator divides the earth in half. K. Just how to put large countries on small pieces of paper.
L. You deserve to measure the planet with a item of string. M. Whereby on earth am I, exactly? N. Just how high space the mountains? O. Exactly how deep are the oceans? P. Physical maps - the nature of areas Q. Political maps - people and also countries. R. Local maps - acquiring closer come home. when you finish, ask the student which professions would require an understanding of maps. Hopefully they will come up v a long list! possible answers encompass :pilots, postal workers, geographers, truck drivers, shippers, travelers, geologists, hunters, soldiers, and also many an ext professions.

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This must impress the importance of maps on the class.