compare Political boundaries

Students compare their border selections based on physical and social features. They talk about other components that could impact where borders are established.

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Checkpoint Charlie Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie was a political border crossing between East and also West Berlin throughout the Cold War.

Photograph by Scott S. Warren


1. Have small groups present and compare borders.

Remind student that, because that the maps they produced in lesson 1, task 1, they to be asked come draw boundaries as they witnessed fit. There room no ideal or not correct answers. Have actually students separate into the same tiny groups indigenous Lesson 1, activity 1 that this unit and select a spokesperson. Have each spokesperson existing their group’s map, together with the reasons for creating borders where lock did, consisting of why every group, religion, or physical an ar was inserted there, come the class. Perform the reasons on the board as students re-superstructure them. If needed, use the complying with prompts:

How numerous countries execute you have? Why?What did you mainly base your boundaries on? how did you decide to produce your borders?What made drawing the boundaries challenging?


2. Comment on factors that influence borders.

As a class, comment on the reasons provided on the board for why borders were put in different areas. Ask: What factors were many important? What components were the very least important? What information did girlfriend think was missing, or would have actually been valuable to know in order to avoid conflict when creating borders? asking students come comment about whether lock agree or disagree v reasons other students gave. Repeat students the there are no right or dorn answers; college student should talk about their ideas and impressions.


3. Brainstorm other determinants that shape nation borders.

Ask students come brainstorm what else might shape nation borders, in enhancement to the physics and social features lock examined during this activity. Include students" concepts to the list on the board together they volunteer them. Elicit concepts such as wars between countries, organic resources, or splitting land evenly between different groups.

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4. Have actually students record ideas to express to later in this unit.

Tell students the they will finish a unit of lessons around borders in Europe, and also that your ideas about where boundaries should be put will be important for their research of Europe. Have actually each student document the list of factors that form country borders on a piece of document to refer to in later lessons, to view if their principles have changed.

Extending the Learning

ask students come think about borders in your state, community, or school. Ask: How to be the boundaries defined? execute they monitor a physical attribute in the landscape? execute they follow cultural differences in between people on either side of the border?Pose inquiries related to the size and shape the countries. Ask: Are big countries in ~ an advantage or a disadvantage? Have students use a globe or wall surface map that the world to situate really big countries. Ask: How numerous really big countries room there? What could be some reasons for this?