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New to the forum and also need part help. I just bought a 2019 EX and also need to remove the 3rd row seat . A large warning top top the spring hinge cover claims to follow the organization manual procedure once removing the 3rd row seats. Ns searched the internet and YouTube but could not find any kind of info. Spring for help from anyone that knows. Many thanks in advance

Go to one of the parts dealers web page to see an exploded variation of the behind seat that means you have the right to locate any large SpringsSent from mine F3213 utilizing Tapatalk
Thanks Novalight. The feather is located in every outboard hinge. As soon as i eliminate the upper and lower hinge bolts on the the end board hinges (which save the hinge) the spring will likely unwind with substantial force. There should be a method to inhibit that from unwinding i m sorry the manual will show. Again thanks to responding for this reason fast
It shows up no one has actually a technological manual obtainable to synopsis the procedure to eliminate the third row seats. Is there any type of place ~ above this site where over there is accessibility to the hand-operated I need? If not can anyone point me to a website where i can find the manual?


...I simply bought a 2019 EX and need to eliminate the 3rd row seats. ...Looking for help from anyone who knows....

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Joden - I recently removed yhe 3rd row seats from my 2019 - that is very easy and also took only about 10 minutes. The hardest component was lifting them the end of the vehicle and also carrying them down to mine basement.Essentially, I started with the seat upright. Ns popped the plastic hinge consists off and removed the lower bolts. I then stowed the seats and also removed the top bolts. Over there is not a most spring anxiety to relax if you carry out it this method with the seats stowed. However, it isn"t a negative idea to usage a 2nd pair that hands and a lengthy stout driver to leverage against the brackets as you release the optimal bolts. The hinges will release their tension yet it isn"t much bevause the seats room stowed - but safety first.You"ll need a ratchet wrench and also socket of food to remove the bolts - i recommend a drill and socket to remove them after girlfriend have damaged them cost-free - you"ll save numerous time and ratcheting.I to reduce a cargo tray into the cargo area and then on peak of that, I put Honda cargo bins. I additionally removed he 2nd row center seat and we have actually our auto seat top top the passenger side second row seat through it slid to the middle. This collection up is optimal for me and my family members as us only have one child. Our vehicle seat is for sure in the center of the vehicle and with he third row out, I deserve to transport mine bike without taking any type of wheels off and also without moving or removing then car seat. I bike number of times a week and also this enables me to even transport ours daughter and bike in ~ the exact same time - an extremely comfortably.This collection up likewise gives me a ton of out of vision storage in the cargo bin.Go for it - that isn"t daunting and doesn"t take lengthy at all.Below is an image after seats have been eliminated and additionally one the the bins I put in.I have actually no pictures of the removal process but here is a video of a male removing the third row seats from I believe a 4th generation Odyssey - pretty much the same process. (