Dear Diary:Mood: Apathetic.My life is spiralling downward. Ns couldn"t get enough money to go to the Blood Red Romance and Suffocate me dried concert. The s**s "cause lock play few of my favorite songs like "Stab mine Heart due to the fact that I Love You" and "Rip Apart mine Soul" and also of course, "Stabby Rip Stab Stab". And also it doesn"t help that ns couldn"t acquire my hair to carry out that flippy thingy. Choose that male from the band deserve to do. Some days, friend know...I"m an emo kid, non-conforming as have the right to beYou"d be non-conforming as well if friend looked as with meI have actually paint on my nails and make-up on mine faceI"m virtually emo sufficient to start shaving mine legs"Cause i feel genuine deep as soon as I"m dressing in dragI speak to it freedom of expression, most just speak to me a f*g"Cause our dudes look favor chicks, and also our chicks look like dykes"Cause emo is one step listed below transvestite!Stop mine breathing and also slit my throatI have to be emoI don"t jump around when ns go to showsI have to be emoI"m dark, and sensetive v low self-esteemThe means I dress provides every work feel prefer HalloweenI have actually no actual problems yet I like to make believeI stole my sister"s mascara now I"m grounded because that a weekSulking and also writing poetry room my hobbiesI can"t gain through a Hawthorne Heights album without sobbingGirls keep breaking up through me, it"s never any kind of funThey to speak they currently have a p**y, castle don"t need one more oneStop mine breathing and slit mine throatI need to be emoI don"t jump around when ns go to showsI have to be emoDye in my hair and polish on my toesI should be emoI pat guitar and write self-destruction notesI should be emoMy life is simply a black color abyss, girlfriend know, it"s for this reason dark. And it"s suffocating me. Grabbing ahold of me and tightening the grip, tighter 보다 a pair the my small sister"s jeans... I beg your pardon look an excellent on mine by the way.When I obtain depressed I cut my wrists in every directionHearing songs about getting dumped offer me an erectionI write in a live journal and also wear thick rimmed gla**esI told mine friends i bleed black and also cry throughout cla**esI"m just a bad, cheap imitation the gothYou have the right to read me "Catcher in the Rye," and also watch me jack offI wear skin tight clothing while hating my lifeIf I said I like girls, I"d just be half right!I look like I"m dead and also dress favor a h*moI should be emoScrew XBox, ns play old school NintendoI must be emoI prefer to whine and hit my parentalsI must be emoMe and my friends every look choose clonesI need to be E-MoMy parents simply don"t obtain me, you know. Castle think I"m gay just since they experienced me kiss a guy. Well, a couple guys. Yet I mean, it"s the 2000s. Can"t 2...

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Or 4 dudes make-out with each various other without gift gay? ns mean, chicks destruction that kind of thing anyways. I don"t recognize diary, occasionally I think you"re the only one that gets me, you"re my finest friend...I feel prefer tacos