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heck Tate is a lifelong residents of Maycomb. A kind man, Mr. Tate is the county sheriff and plays a far-reaching role in the rigid of To kill a Mockingbird.

A tall and slender man of almost forty-three year of age, Sheriff Tate is a lifelong residents of Maycomb...

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Heck Tate is a lifelong residents of Maycomb. A decent man, Mr. Tate is the county sheriff and also plays a far-ranging role in the narrative of To kill a Mockingbird.

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A tall and also slender guy of virtually forty-three years of age, Sheriff Tate is a lifelong resides of Maycomb county. He very first appears in chapter 10 in solution to the call around the rabid dog in Atticus Finch"s neighborhood. When he and also Atticus action out the the squad car, Atticus tells the sheriff, "He"s in ~ range, Heck." yet Mr. Tate tosses the rifle to Atticus, understanding that Atticus is the far better shot. After Atticus hits the dog accurately, Sheriff Tate smiles. He tells Atticus that he will call Zeebo, the rubbish collector, come come and pick up the dead dog.

Later in the narrative, Sheriff Tate plays crucial role. In ~ Tom"s trial, hell Tate"s testimony assists Atticus"s defense because that Tom, because his account of Mayella"s purported rape confirms that Tom might not have actually choked Mayella. Tom has only one beneficial hand, his best hand. Sheriff Tate describes bruises top top both sides of Mayella"s neck, and a black eye top top the right side of her face, a hit that a person would make v his left hand. Yet Tom"s left hand is useless. Together she listens, enlightenment observes,

If she appropriate eye was blacked and she was beaten mainly on the right side that the face, the would tend to present that a left-handed human did it. (Ch. 17)

Sheriff Tate plays a an important role in the conclusion come the terrible events complying with the assault upon Scout and also Jem by the reprehensible Bob Ewell. Once Atticus thinks that Jem has killed Bob Ewell, Tate—determined to safeguard Bob"s killer—insists, "Bob Ewell fell on his knife. I can prove it." (Ch. 30)