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A blackpowder cap and also ball revolver chambered in .36 caliber. Barrel and cylinder have actually a blued finish, barrel has actually some oxidation on optimal of barrel. The lumber grips space in great condition. Bore has actually some rust in it. View photos.Auction Location:
8512 S. Union Rd, Union, Illinois, 60180, united StatesPreviewing Details:Friday, July 19 Noon come 8pmSaturday, July 20 8am come 10amSunday, July 21 8am to 10am7% Sales tax will be added for Illinois residents and buyers choose up your items in ~ the auction facility.Taxes:
IST7%Illinois sale Tax
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Shipping Details:Donley Auctions will occupational with you to administer shipping. Shipper will call you as soon as items room paid for through a quote because that shipping and also handling. A signed FFL have to be noted on ALL firearms regardless that vintage. As of 2019, every ammunition offered to CA citizens must be transport to an FFL. Please email to DonleyAuctions
outlook.com or fax come 815.923.7080.All items need to be choose up indigenous auction house within 5 days. Any item left over 5 days, will be fee $20 per day warehouse fee unless prior arrangements have actually been made.If making use of your own shipper, please have actually your shipper contact us to arrange time and also date of pickup. All items will certainly be moved to an turn off site location after 5 days.Payment Details:
Payment is due immediately after the auction. 7% Illinois State Sales Tax added for Illinois residents.Accepted Payment Methods:VISAMaster CardAMEXDiscoverPayPalFIREARM BUYERS: A signed FFL have to be noted on ALL guns regardless the vintage. Please email to DonleyAuctions
outlook.com or fax to 815.923.7080.Payment Instructions: The credit transaction card you registered ~ above Proxibid will certainly be charged immediately following the auction. Net Buyer's Premium: 23%Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and also American ExpressSales Tax: 7% for Illinois State residents.Shipping: Donley Auction solutions will work-related with you come rovide shipping. All items will certainly be shipped and charged come the attend to and credit transaction card on paper with Proxibid. If friend would favor to pickup your items indigenous the auction house, please contact Donley Auctions come arrange a day and time. Every auction items need to be picked up in ~ 5 days. Any kind of items left will certainly be moved to an offsite warehouse facility and also charged $20 every day.Auction Location: 8512 S. Union road, Union, IL 60180Payment and General info - 815.923.7000Consignments and Expert Consultation - 815.790.9435___________________________________________________________________________SPECIAL terms of SALEWe work an extremely hard for the consignor and also the buyer. The auction move fast between the auctioneer, the on site bids, and the live net bids. Since of this, one tiny delay, or what we speak to 'hiccup' in the internet connection, can cause an digital bid to it is in missed. Us apologize if this happens, however it is occasionally inevitable. You re welcome be mindful of this when attending a Proxibid auction. As result of the aspect of 3rd Party Auctions and also the reliability/unreliability of technological issues, we reserve the best to finish an auction beforehand or extend an auction as we check out fit. We value our customers, both buyers and also sellers, and shot very difficult to ensure an exciting, smooth, effective auction! We space happy and also willing to occupational with you under any circumstances.PLEASE NOTE: once you bid on any item, you are entering into a binding contract. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this company may or may not function correctly the work of the auction. All home is offered 'AS IS', and ALL SALES space FINAL. There are absolutely no refunds, exchanges and returns on any kind of items. Donley Auction Services may attempt to explain the goods in advertising, top top the Internet and also at the auction but makes no representations. In no event shall Donley Auction solutions be organized responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The bidder shall it is in the sole judge the value, condition, age, genuineness, value or any type of other determinative factor. Bidders that bid turn off site and are not present at the live auction or preview understand and acknowledge that they may not have the ability to inspect things as well as if they check it in person. The is the Bidder's duty to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any kind of other element by method of their very own knowledge, pictures, description, and emailing Donley Auctions with inquiries at donleyauctions
outlook.com. They will be happy to describe each article in detail and also any pertinent information regarding the item. Donley Auction solutions will not be responsible for any type of errors or failure in the summary of the merchandise uneven it is a material and intentional misrepresentation of the article itself. Bidder agrees that whatever is marketed as is and that they may not return any item lock purchase.Under no scenarios shall Bidder have any kind of claim against Donley Auction services or anyone rather if the Internet company fails to work-related correctly prior to or throughout the live or timed auction. Donley Auction solutions will not be responsible for any type of missed bids from any source. Web bidders that desire to make details their bid is acknowledged need to use the Proxibid feature and leave your maximum bid 24 hours before the auction begins. Donley Auction solutions reserves the appropriate to retract or re-catalog item in this auction.Email united state at DONLEYAUCTIONS
OUTLOOK.COM and we will certainly be happy to provide any details to make your last judgment before bidding.Payment need to be made in full by the finish of the auction. Internet bidders will be fee an 18% Buyers premium add to a 3% credit transaction card fee.PACKING & SHIPPING: Donley Auction solutions will work with girlfriend to provide shipping. A quote will certainly be listed after invoice is paid. Shipper will call you because that payment because that shipping & managing costs.
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