A Hui Hou Kākou (Until We accomplish Again)

Growing up in Waikiki, over there was always someone coming and also going. Beyond the plenty of visitors that arrive and also depart daily, the civilization who move to Waikiki to carve the end a life for themselves in sky would always seem come come and also go together well. Some civilization would end up relocating to a different part of the island, some would certainly leave Hawaii to look for their fortunes elsewhere and also others would certainly heed the contact of home, usually thousands of miles far from Waikiki. My dad dubbed Hawaii the “Land the Goodbyes”, especially for those that live there. The conclusion that 2016 brought one more goodbye, and this one by much the most an overwhelming and impactful one. Our agency founder, mentor and an ext personally – mine father, Wayne Overman, claimed his last farewell come Hawaiiand entered the ultimate Paradise, Heaven, on December 5, 2016. My brother Joseph and I were blessed beyond measure to have someone favor him together a father, friend, service partner and example in life. In our humble opinion, the was as unique and also special a person as Hawaii is a place, return we may be a bit biased! We rest assured, without a zero of a doubt, the Dad is v his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in eternal peace and also paradise. The enrolled in the can be fried Vacation arrangement many years agoand mutual it on our website because that all who cared to check out it. Ns encourage girlfriend to take a minute to review it for yourselfif you have never done so. Joseph and I, and also the rest of the Aloha Hawaiian Vacations Team, are honored to have the ability to continue his tradition and help people experience the many beautiful ar on earth – Hawaii! ns would favor to dedicate this blog article to Dad’s storage by share his mission and vision for Aloha Hawaiian Vacations, and also a small bit around him as a person. Below is an excerpt around Dad from ours Website (in several of his own words):

Wayne started Aloha Hawaiian Vacations as a young male – and has took pleasure in the company’s growth from a regional business – come an international company – i m sorry is this particular day a world leader in Hawaii tourism. That designed and also developed America’s very first non-tour All-Inclusive Hawaii holidays Package. “Good top quality With an excellent Value and also Service” is his motto. He additionally owns a Hawaii tourism consulting firm.

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Wayne is a seasoned world traveler – and also has watched 93 countries. His travels have actually taken him around-the-world seventeen time cumulatively. That says, “I have traveled the entire human being to see if over there is any kind of place to complement the glory that Hawaii – and also there is none! Hawaii is God’s gift to the world and mankind, and also is most likely a tiny glimpse of what heaven is like.”

He hold a degree in Business administration and was additionally working towards a level in design – which the left to to visit an east Coast holy bible College after coming to be a Christian. Wayne to trust travel is one of life’s ideal educations – and agrees with previous US President john F. Kennedy’s quote, “I learned much more in one summer traveling abroad 보다 I walk in all my year at Harvard University.” However, Wayne additionally believes that the examine of God’s native trumps all forms of education. He difficulties the young human being he mentors to read a chapter of Proverbs every day to receive wisdom indigenous above. He volunteer his time together a Hawaii church leader and has also served his country in the military.

Wayne states that his biggest life achievement was increasing his 2 awesome youngsters (Haven and also Joseph) that are now leaders that Aloha Hawaiian Vacations. He also believes we are to share the which God has blessed us through – and his family financially supports 3 Waikiki churches, the yearly Resurrection Sunrise Services held on Waikiki Beach, civilization missions, plus many mainland Christian ministries; and his family also cares for countless children-in-need worldwide. Wayne gives “all glory come God – because that ALL.” – Haven Overman Bollinger

Earl Wayne Overman, may 31, 1949 – December 5, 2016



Haven Overman-Bollinger

Haven Overman Bollinger’s first trip come Hawaii was in 1982, together a toddler. She checked out several more times, prior to relocating to Hawaii in 1994, together a young teen. She stayed in the love of Waikiki for the next 15 years, before relocating come the coast of north Carolina, where she resides with her husband and also daughter. Few of her earliest memories are of she parents hosting a weekly “Hawaii slide Presentation” native their offices in Burlington, NC, and secretly feasting top top the macadamia nuts and also tea cookie that to be served. As a child, she listened to her father, Wayne Overman, talk to clients, negotiate through suppliers and wax poetic around the beauty, beauty of Hawaii. She began her career in the appointments & Itinerary Department, from there moved on to client Relations and finally developed to Sales.

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After ~ the pass of her father, she moved into Sales & Marketing management, where she assists ours agents in help our clients experience Hawaii to its’ fullest. She proceeds to eat too many macadamia nuts.