"Guten Urlaub!" ("Urlaub" is masculine, so note the "n") is possible, but uncommon.The usual expression is "Schönen Urlaub!"


civicpride-kusatsu.net is not my an initial language, however I remember hearing Schöne Ferien a lot as soon as I was discovering it!

A rapid Google search shows it is a generally used sentence, albeit i can"t be certain if the is provided informally with a contempt different an interpretation (Like "Happy Holidays").

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"Guten Urlaub" works, yet "Schönen Urlaub" feels more natural.

You might likewise just say "viel Spaß" or "erhol" Dich gut" (very informal, suggests that the person spoken too requirements to recharge your batteries), as appropriate.


"Gute Reise" is fine and also commonly used, however "Reise" technically only refers to the plot of travel itself. (getting from location a to location b) so you just use this phrase once you recognize the human being is going to travel.

"Guten Urlaub" would be correct in theory, yet is very uncommon and also doesn"t sound natural.

As others have actually said, the most typical phrase would certainly be "schönen Urlaub"

"Urlaub" can also be offered if the human being does not take trip at all. Walking on vacation is "Urlaub" however having a job off and also sitting at house is also "Urlaub".

For "have a great travel" you can use "Gute Fahrt!" (usually by auto but additionally boat) which relates only to traveling, however, not what you do for recreation. Famously one uncle of mine wished American family members "Have a good Fahrt!" to some irritation due to the fact that the ideal word in English escaped him at the moment.

Typical vacation wishes tend to it is in a bit much more verbose, choose "Schönen Urlaub und gute Erholung!" or "Viel Spaß ns Urlaub!". If friend just gained an explanation about where the person is travelling, you can conclusively say "Dann mal einen schönen Urlaub!" ("In that case and for this specific occurence, i wish friend a pretty vacation.": colloquial decided patterns have the right to embody a lot of formalisms in solitary syllables).

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