"Well, although ns did not view the Riddle who came the end of the diary, what you explained to me to be a phenomenon I had never witnessed. A just memory starting to act and also think for itself? A only memory, sapping the life the end of the girl right into whose hands it had actually fallen? No, miscellaneous much an ext sinister had lived inside the book. ... A fragment of soul, i was practically sure the it. The diary had been a Horcrux."-- Albus Dumbledore (HBP23)

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The diary appeared blank, yet when someone created onto its blank pages, Tom Riddle as he was during his year at Hogwarts composed messages back. Lucius Malfoy had kept the diary because that years until he had actually a possibility to tree it on Ginny Weasley, slipping it into her Transfiguration textbook. Tom provided the diary to affect Ginny right into reopening the Chamber and loosing the Basilisk. Bother Potter defeated this memory version of Tom Riddle through plunging the broken, poisoned fang the the Basilisk into the diary. When he go this, every the ink spewed out of it and with that poured out the Dark Magical enchantment (CS17). Among Voldemort’s Horcruxes was destroyed.
The stained and torn remnants that the diary were returned to Lucius Malfoy by take care of Potter (CS18).Harry found in his sixth year during lessons v Dumbledore that Tom Riddle had learned around Horcruxes native Professor Slughorn, who was Head of Slytherin at that time. Tom provided the knowledge to create a horcrux after Myrtle was killed by the Basilisk in the toilet (HBP20, HBP23).

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J K Rowling around diaries:My sister provided to commit her innermost think to her diary. Her good fear was that someone would read it. That"s how the idea involved me the a diary the is itself versus you. You would be confiding everything to pages that aren"t inanimate.-- J.K. Rowling, "Wild around Harry", Candis Magazine, November 2001)Now, the diary to me is a an extremely scary object, a really, really frightening object. This manipulative little book, the temptation specifically for a young girl to pour out her love to a diary, i m sorry is never ever something ns was at risk to, however my sister was. The strength of something that answers girlfriend back, and at the moment that I wrote that I"d never been in an web chat room. However I"ve due to the fact that thought "Well it"s really similar." simply typing your deepest thoughts into the ether and also getting answer back, and also you don"t understand who is comment you. And so that was always a very scary image to me, in the book, and also I assumed it worked really well in the film.

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You might understand once he started writing to see these things coming earlier to him, and the power of that, that an enig friend in your pocket.-- J.K. Rowling (Chamber of secrets DVD Interview 2003)