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Should i toss lock in the compost or eat them? I"m yes, really bummed, I just forgot to placed them in the fridge last night. Lock sat out on the stove in one uncovered pot. WWYD?
Any pet products in them? i assume you mean cooked beans, right?I beat a small fast-and-loose v food security guidelines, so you know where I"m comes from, however if they were cooked and also without pet products, I might keep castle (probably lug to a simmer before covering and also putting in the frig) however if they had actually something favor bacon (or any pet product), I"d cry and throw lock out.



:Last week ns made irish stew through beef for my boyfriend and he never ever put it away in the fridge. The ate some much more of it the next day. And still go not placed it away. For this reason I placed it in the refrigerator (couldn"t stand it anymore, lol) and he ate the rest the following day
Actually, instead of putting his plate through leftovers in the fridge, that puts that in the OVEN. ??!! so he regularly eats leftovers the were never ever in the fridge.As far as I recognize (I"ve recognize him 5 years and also have regularly tried to curb his oven = refrigerator habit, come no avail), he"s in reality never obtained sick indigenous that.Otoh, I do personally choose to placed leftovers in the fridge, definitely
(and ns would never ever my dd miscellaneous "questionable" that course).Long story short: ns think you deserve to eat lock
I don"t see just how the visibility of pet products might make them go bad any faster- if anyting IME starchy vegetable foods items seem come go poor faster than animal foods (chicken broth with potatoes goes negative faster than plain chicken broth.) but beans are currently a starchy vegetable food...

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