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In stimulate to continue to be competitive through Harmonix"s pre-existing multi-instrument rockstar simulator, Activision"s upcoming entry in their insanely rewarding franchise, Guitar Hero: civilization Tour, needs to complement the price the the video game it so very closely resembles, Rock Band. Follow to a current listing top top Gamestop, it"ll do just that -- the game alone will expense $59.99 on PS3 and also 360 ($49.99 on Wii and also PS2), a "guitar kit" bundle will certainly run you $99.99, and also the full band kit (which we assume will certainly contain a guitar, a mic, and a drum kit) will certainly run girlfriend $189.99 ~ above 360, Wii and also PS3, and also $179.99 ~ above PS2.If these prices space accurate, you"ll be payment $20 much more for Activision"s bundle than Harmonix"s -- perhaps their five-piece drum kit costs an ext to produce than Rock Band"s four-head. Us don"t psychic shelling the end the extra Jackson to get our hands on Activision"s new skins -- the thousands of dollars we"ll spend widening our life room to contain 2 fake drum kits and also four fake guitars, however, may have a noticeable influence on our finances.
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