This overview will display you just how to include your very own songs to etc Hero III top top the PC. ~ hunting around the web for means to execute this I discovered several methods. The technique shown in this guide I found to it is in the easiest. Other methods can be discovered in the web links section.

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Song perform Editor¶ is a handy routine that will permit you to include songs come your etc Hero III installation. Using song List Editor you add not just your own songs, yet songs native Frets on Fire (FOF) as well. This overview will present you exactly how to carry out both.

After you have downloaded, extract the archive come a ar on your PC.

Now fill songlist_editor.exe. The regime will fill a command home window in the background where information about what the regime is doing will be presented (e.g. Song conversions etc.). The main home window will look choose so:


Next, walk to paper -> Open. You will certainly be presented with the following dialog window:


Step 1¶

To include your own song to guitar Hero III, girlfriend will need an MP3 or OGG file of the song you wish to add. In addition, girlfriend will likewise need one of two people a chart file or MIDI document for the etc notes. Luckily, the folks in ~ have actually a library of hundreds of chart records for songs.

All you have to do is it is registered for totally free at their website to gain accessibility to the library.

Step 2¶

Once you have created your account, login and go to the custom songs section of the site:


Click “Browse database” to accessibility the search tool. Go into the details for the tune you want to find for and then click “Search Charts”. You will then be presented v a list of results choose so:


The dificulty levels that the chart file supports will be emphasize in the search results (see above). E = easy, M = medium, H = hard, X = expert. If the 2nd row the diffulty levels shown for a track are highlighted, climate the chart record provides lead and bass guitar tracks. In the instance above, neither chart file provides a 2nd track, so just one player deserve to play these. Also, the second chart file found supports all diffulty level so we will download this one.

Step 3¶

Once you have downloaded the graph file, conserve it to a location on your PC. Now we have the chart file, we should generate a MIDI record from it. Because that this us will use If you have not already downloaded, download the now and also extract its materials to a folder on your PC.

Open the folder and dual click Chart2Mid.jar. You will be presented through the home window below:


Click “Browse” and also locate the chart paper that you download in action 2. Currently click the “Guitar Hero” radio button followed by the “Convert” button. This will certainly generate a MIDI record in the same directory as the chart file.

Step 4¶

Load song List Editor (as defined above). Click “Insert new Song”. This will display screen the following dialog window:


Proceed as follows:

Enter the surname of the track - it should be in lower case. This is the name that etc Hero III provides internally to referral the track.For the Guitar, Rhythm and Song monitor fields, click “Browse” and locate the MP3 or OGG paper for her song.Click “Browse” through the MIDI file input box and also browse to the folder whereby you created your MIDI paper in step 3.Finally, go into the details for the song as girlfriend would prefer them to show up in the game.

The dialog window should currently look similar to the one below:


Now click “OK”. Your etc Hero III monitor will now be created. This might take a couple of minutes. The command home window will present the development of the conversion. Once the conversion is complete, the article “done developing fsb” will certainly be displayed:


Step 5¶

Your track will now show up in the “Song list” ~ above the left hand side of the song List Editor window.

We now require to include the tune to one of the pat lists in the game. To carry out this, click “Edit Setlists”. You will certainly be presented v the adhering to dialog window:

Proceed as complies with to add your track to the “Bonus Songs” play list in the game:

Choose “Bonus Songs” from the collection list drop down box.Increase the number of songs every tier through 1. This will add a tune to the end of the list.From the song number drop under box pick the last track in the list which must now be “slowride”.From the song drop down box uncover the track you included in step 4 (in our instance “smooth”).

You must now have actually something comparable to the following:

Click “OK”.

Now go to record -> Save and also click “OK” as soon as the warning message box is displayed.

You are now ready to play the game!

Adding Frets on Fire Songs¶

Frets ~ above Fire is one open resource Guitar Hero III clone. Together a result, countless song packs are obtainable for the video game in to compare to guitar Hero III. Lucily, track List Editor permits you to import Frets top top Fire songs into Guitar Hero III.

If you have actually Frets ~ above Fire song on your computer system you can include them to guitar Hero III like so:

Load song List Editor.Locate your guitar Hero III directory (File -> Open).Click “Import FOF Songs”.Locate her Frets top top Fire song directory.Click yes - your songs will currently be converted. Note: this may take part time depending upon the variety of songs friend have.Add the converted song to the “Bonus Songs” playlist together shown above in action 5.

You are now ready come play the game!

Playing her Song¶

Load etc Hero III. The video game will complain the the video game content is corrupt. This is nothing to worry about, but make sure you have currently backed-up your conserve game file if you want to keep your scores. Select “Delete content”. You will certainly then it is in presented with the main menu.

As your progress has actually now been deleted, you will certainly not have access to the bonus songs. No have to worry! just go to alternatives -> Cheats. Get in the unlock every little thing cheat by strumming the environment-friendly fret twice. This will certainly unlock the bonus song playlist.

Now walk to Quickplay and go to the bonus songs list. Scroll to the bottom that the list and your included songs will be over there (see below):


Now you can play her song…


Click any type of of the display shots over to see a short video of Smooth by Santana gift played in etc Hero III. This is the finish product that the example used transparent this guide.

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