The mid-segment that a trapezoid is fifty percent the of the sum of the two parallel sides.

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Do overcome multiplication.



Subtract 16 top top both sides.


Subtract 2x top top both political parties of the equation.


Divide by 2 top top both sides of the equation.

8 = x

x = 8

Option C is the exactly answer.

Hence the worth of x is 8.

The correct answer is option A. 6

Step-by-step explanation:

It is provided that, QR is the average of trapezoid MNOP

To find the value of x

From the given information we deserve to write,

MP + on = 2(QR)

9x - 42 + 30 = 2(x + 15)

9x - 42 + 30 = 2x + 30

9x - 2x = 42

7x = 42

x = 42/7 =6

Theerfore the exactly answer is option A. 6

The worth of x is 6

Step-by-step explanation:

Here, we desire to calculation the size of the mid-segment


if we add the size of the two parallel bases and also divide through 2, we gain the size of the mid-segment


(x + 8 + 5x + 4)/2 = 24

6x + 12 = 2(24)

6x + 12 = 48

6x = 48-12

6x = 36

x = 36/6

x = 6


Step-by-step explanation:

hope that helps.....

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