Nitrogen electron configuration is 1s2 2s2 2p3. The period of nitrogen is 2 and nitrogen is a p-block element. The electron construction of nitrogen(N) and the orbit diagram is the key topic that this article. Also, period and group determination, valency and also valence electron of nitrogen, assorted reactions and also compound formation, bond formation of nitrogen have actually been discussed.

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The seventh aspect in the routine table is nitrogen. The atomic number of nitrogen is 7 and the total variety of electrons in a nitrogen atom is seven. This electrons room arranged according to details rules of various orbits.

The position of the electrons in different energy level of the atom and the orbit in a particular order is called electron configuration. Electron construction is excellent in two ways of all the facets of the regular table.

Electron construction via orbit.Electron configuration via orbital.

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Nitrogen electron configuration via orbit

Scientist Niels Bohr was the an initial to provide an idea the the atom’s orbit. He noted a version of the atom in 1913. The finish idea that the orbit is given there.The electrons of the atom revolve approximately the nucleus in a certain circular path. These circular paths are called orbit(shell).These orbits space expressed by n. < n = 1,2 3 4 . . .>K is the name of the an initial orbit, together is the second, M is the third, N is the surname of the 4th orbit. The electron holding capacity of each orbit is 2n2.


n = 1 for K orbit.The electron holding capacity of K orbit is 2n2= 2 × 12= 2 electrons.For l orbit, n = 2.The electron holding capacity of the l orbit is 2n2= 2 × 22= 8 electrons.n=3 because that M orbit.The maximum electron holding capacity in M orbit is 2n2= 2 × 32= 18 electrons.n=4 for N orbit.The maximum electron holding volume in N orbit is 2n2= 2 × 32= 32 electrons.

The atomic number is the variety of electrons in that element. The atomic variety of nitrogen is 7. The is, the variety of electrons in nitrogen is seven.

Therefore, the preferably electron holding volume in the an initial orbit is two. And the best electron holding capacity in the 2nd orbit is eight.

Therefore, the 2 electrons that nitrogen will certainly be in the an initial orbit(shell). And also the other five electrons will be in the 2nd orbit. The bespeak of electron configuration of nitrogen atoms through orbits is 2, 5. Therefore,nitrogen has electrons per shell 2, 5.

Valency and also valence electrons of nitrogen(N)

Again, the variety of electrons in the last orbit of one element, the number of those electrons is the valence electrons of that element. In the electron configuration for nitrogen, we see that five electrons exist in the critical orbit that the nitrogen.

Therefore,thevalence electronsof the nitrogen space five.Finally, we can say the the valency(valence) that the nitrogen is 3, 5, and the valence electron of the nitrogen space five.

Ionic nature of nitrogen atoms

Nitrogen is an anion element. When a charge-neutral atom receives an electron and also turns it right into a negative ion, that is referred to as an anion. The last orbit that a nitrogen atom has 5 electrons. The nitrogen atom takes 3 electrons to fill the octave and also become an anion.

N + (3e–) → N3–

Nitrogen atoms take on electrons and also turn into negative ions. The electron configuration of nitrogen ion(N3–) is 1s22s22p6. Therefore, nitrogen is an anion element.

Covalent bond formation of nitrogen

Nitrogen atoms type covalent bonds with different atoms. One of them is hydrogen. Nitrogen atoms kind covalent bonds v hydrogen atoms. And forms Ammonia(NH3) compounds with covalent bonds.

The electron configuration of nitrogen reflects that 5 electrons exist in the last orbit that the nitrogen atom. The nitrogen atom wants to to fill the octave through taking three electrons in its critical orbit.

Again, the electron configuration of hydrogen shows that over there is an electron in the critical orbital of the hydrogen atom. The hydrogen atom desires to to fill the electron in the first orbit by taking an electron.

Three hydrogen atoms sign up with one nitrogen atom to type a covalent bond through electron sharing. And forms Ammonia(NH3) compounds through covalent bonds.

Formation of Nitrogen compound

Formation the nitride compounds

Nitrogen atom react v oxygen to create nitroxide.

N2 + O2 → 2NO2NO + O2 → 2NO2

Nitrogen and also oxygen atoms combine to type oxides prefer N2O, N2O3, N2O4, N2O5, etc. Among these oxides are N2O, NO space neutral oxides, and N2O3, N2O4, N2O5 space acidic oxides.

Formation of hydride compounds

At high pressures and also high temperature (200atm and also 500 ° C) nitrogen atoms incorporate with hydrogen atom to kind hydride compounds.

N2 + 3H2 → 2NH3

Nitrogen atom reaction v metal

In the boil state, nitrogen atoms react with calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and also aluminum (Al) steels to type nitride compounds.

3Ca + N2 (heat) → Ca3N23Mg + N2 (heat) → 2Mg3N22Al + N2 (heat) → 2AlN

But lithium(Li) steel reacts v N2 at regular temperature to type a lithium nitride compound.

6Li + N2 → 2Li3N

Metal nitride hydrolysis by water to kind NH3 and also metallic hydroxide.

Ca3N2 + 6H2O (heat) → 3Ca(OH)2 + 2NH3Li3N + 3H2O → 3LiOH + NH3

The reaction that nitrogen through halogen

The element nitrogen(N) of group-15 reacts through halogen atom to form tri-halide compounds.

N2 + 3F2 → 2NF3N2 + 3Cl2 → 2NCl3N2 + 3Br2 → 2NBr3N2 + 3I2 → 2NI3

Other facets of group-15 form Penta halides yet do not kind nitrogen atoms. Due to the fact that the d-orbital is lacking in the nitrogen atom.

Properties of nitrogen atom

The atomic number of nitrogen atoms is 7. The atomic variety of an facet is the variety of electrons and protons in the element. That is, the variety of electrons and also protons in the nitrogen atom is seven.The energetic atomic mass of thenitrogenatom is <14.00643,14.00728>.Nitrogen is a non-metal.The valency that a nitrogen atom is 3, 5 and also the valence electrons of a nitrogen atom space five.Nitrogen atoms room the second period that the regular table and also an aspect of the 15-group.At common temperatures, nitrogen molecules remain in the kind of gases.Nitrogen is an anion element.Nitrogen atoms form covalent bonds.Nitrogen is a p-block element.The melting suggest of a Nitrogen atom is –209°C and also the boiling suggest is –195°C.The electronegativity of Nitrogen atoms is 3.04 (Pauling scale).Nitrogen forms N2O and NO-neutral oxides. However NO2 forms acidic oxide.The oxidation says of Nitrogen space –3, 2, 3, 4, 5The atom radius the a Nitrogen atom is 56 pm.Nitrogen atom valve der Waals radius is 155 pmIonization energies the nitrogen atoms space 1st:1402.3kJ/mol, 2nd:2856kJ/mol, 3rd:4578.1kJ/mol.The electron seeks of nitrogen atoms is –7 kJ/molThe covalent radius of the nitrogen atom is 71±1pm


The atomic number of nitrogen(N) is 7. The atomic variety of an aspect is the variety of electrons in the element. Therefore, the variety of electrons in the nitrogen is seven. The key topic of this post is the nitrogen electron configuration and the orbit diagram.

This article also discusses period-groups, valency and valence electrons, link formation, covalent properties, properties of the nitrogen atom.


What is the electron configuration of nitrogen?Ans: Nitrogen Electron construction is N(7) = 1s22s22p3.

What is the electron configuration for nitrogen atomic number 7?Ans: The electron construction for nitrogen atom number 7 is 1s22s22p3.

What is the valence electron configuration for the nitrogen atom?Ans: 5 valence electrons.

How can nitrogen become a stable electron configuration?Ans: The critical orbit that a nitrogen atom has 5 electrons. The nitrogen atom take away 3 electrons to to fill the octave and become stable. The electron configuration of nitrogen ions(N3–) is 1s22s22p6.

How does nitrogen gain electron noble gas configuration?Ans: The last orbit that a nitrogen atom has actually 5 electrons. The nitrogen atom bring away 3 electron to to fill the octave and also gain electron noble gas configuration.

How countless valence electrons are in nitrogen?Ans: Five valence electrons.

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