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SpillFix SPL-50L - liquid Spill Absorbent, 2.0cu-ft Bag Cleans oils, fuels, lubricants, paint and most chemicals

Fram Extra security Oil Spin-on Filters space the number one choice in oil filters among consumers because they have twice the dirt-stopping capability of any kind of other leading oil filter brand. Oil that lubricates and cools the engine is choose up through the engine"s oil pump, cleaned through the oil filter, and also reused. The is an important that any dirt or air pollution picked up by the turn around oil it is in removed before it is pumped back into the engine. Tiny dust particles in between 10 and 20 microns do many of the damage to bearings, cylinders and also other moving engine components by rubbing and causing wear. That"s whereby FRAM Extra safety Oil filter come into play. Tests have proven that fram Extra guard filters protect against up to six times an ext of these particles than any other top brand. Sold individually.

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How the Works?FRAM Extra Guard has a multi-layer glass fiber filter media. It"s thicker and denser than conventional media, offering a maze to trap contaminants an ext effectively. prior to oil enters the engine lubrication system, the passes through the oil filter. The filter"s task is to remove perhaps engine-damaging dirt particles. To provide the ideal engine protection, the maximum quantity of dirt need to be eliminated the very first time the dirt passes v the filter before it get the engine. The culture of Automotive designers run a test dubbed the "Single Pass efficiency Test" (SPE) to measure a filter"s ability to administer engine protection. The SPE Test is just one of the sector standards for evaluating and to compare oil filter performance, and also measure a filter"s capability to remove dirt the first time through. The frame Extra security filter performs at an extraordinary 96.2% effectiveness in the single-pass effectiveness tests. The average effectiveness rating for other leading brand is only 74.6%. And like the FRAM difficult Guard oil filter, Extra security features progressed synthetic glass and also cellulose media, i m sorry is a mix of synthetic glass and cellulose unique formulated for top-rated performance for the life that the filter.

SureGRIP - an ext of a an excellent Thing
Extra safety oil filters just got much better when FRAM introduced the new SureGRIP feature. With its revolutionary new SureGRIP no-slip finish, the Extra safety oil filter is much less complicated to grip during installation and also removal -- even with oily hands