Iron(iii) sulfide likewise called ferric sulfide or iron sesquisulfide is among the members of iron(3+) sulfides v IUPAC surname iron(3+) trisulfide and also chemical formula Fe2S3 <1, 2>. The is a fairly unstable artificial black solid the decomposes and turns into a yellow-green flour at room temperature <2>.

Iron(III) Sulfide Identification

CAS Number12063-27-3 <1>
PubChem CID160957 <1>
ChemSpider ID141408 <3>
EC Number234-367-5 <1>
ChEBI IDCHEBI:75899 <2>

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Iron(iii) Sulfide Formula

Composition and Synthesis

It is produced by the addition of cooled iron(iii) chloride equipment to refrigerated sodium sulfide solution, as represented by the complying with equation:

2FeCl3 + 3Na2S → Fe2S3 + 6NaCl

It can additionally be synthesized together a by-product that desulfurization of hydrogen sulfide gas that is passed with hydrated iron(iii) oxide:

Fe2O3 + 3H2S + H2O → Fe2S3 + 4H2O


Iron(iii) Sulfide

Reaction v Hydrogen Chloride

It experience a decomposition reaction when combined with hydrochloric mountain <4>:

Fe2S3 + 4HCl → 2FeCl2 + 2H2S + S

Properties and also Characteristics the Iron(III) Sulfide

General Properties

Molar Mass/Molecular Weight207.87 g/mol <1>

Physical Properties

Color and also AppearanceTurns into yellowish-green flour at room temperature <5>
Melting PointDecomposes
Boiling PointN/A <5>
Density4.3 g cm-3 <5>
State of issue at room temperatureSolid <1>
SolubilityModerately soluble in acids
Solubility in WaterVery slightly dissolve in water <1>


As a source of sulfur and also iron(ii) sulfide during the decay of ferric sulfide in ~ room temperature (about 20 °C).


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