Teaching about energy in organic processes is sustained by 6 crucial concepts:

3.1 The sun is the significant source of power for organisms and the ecosystems of i m sorry they are a part. Producer such as plants, algae, and cyanobacteria use the power from sunshine to make organic issue from carbon dioxide and also water. This establishes the start of energy flow through nearly all food webs.


Diagram of a food chain because that waterbirds that the Chesapeake Bay. Image from united state Geological Survey.

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compared to power Principles 1 and also 2, this principle is more concrete and easier to visualize. We all have direct experiences with different species of foods. Numerous of these concepts, together as how sunlight drives photosynthesis and food webs, are commonly taught in center school and high school curricula. Educators deserve to take these avenues to tie in an power theme through these topics.

A quantitative approach can be used to examine the power embodied in different species of foods. Right here are some examples of tasks that do this.

How Much power is on my Plate? leads students with a succession of learning steps that highlight the embedded energy that is necessary to develop various varieties of food. Leader students with a sequence of activities that to mark the embodied power that is necessary to produce various types of food (high institution or introductory-level college). The lifestyle Project difficulties students to drastically lower their energy use, and also adopting a vegetarian diet is one of the routes that students may elect to take. This project deserve to be provided with middle school through college audiences.

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A hands-on means to teach these topics is from the allude of see of a meal or a neighborhood garden. Every one of the principles contained in this principle can be shown in a garden that produces food.

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Energy business economics in Ecosystems What strength life? In most ecosystems, sunshine is took in and converted into usable creates of energy via photosynthesis. This usable forms of power are carbon-based.

Ocean performance The objective of this website is to provide the science and broader communities through global, updated s productivity estimates.

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Whenever I run professional advancement for scientific research teachers about climate change, i share the CLEAN network's set of vetted resources.
CLEAN is superb collection of well vetted resources. Our group, Classrooms for Climate Action, incorporates sources from CLEAN as soon as weco-create ours units through teachers.
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I appreciate exactly how you've attached climate and energy education and learning to NGSS, and also have provided great searching devices - a valuable source for teachers!
I trusted both the pedagogical approach and also the said materials. Its' refreshing to have a clearninghouse of details that I have the right to trust, specifically in a pinch.

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I've started to usage CLEAN as my go-to resource for not simply lab activities, but also to assist me organize and also align come NGSS standards. I'm findingthe frameworks really valuable to structure my long term plans.