If you have ever before seen a flat, brown flounder that camouflages chin perfectly, girlfriend can’t assist but wonder why Ariel’s best friend – the tiny round yellow and blue fish – is referred to as Flounder. He looks pretty lot like the precise opposite the a flounder if girlfriend ask me. So ns did a little of study to uncover out what kind of fish Flounder from the tiny Mermaid really is.

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Flounder from The little Mermaid is most likely an angelfish or a comparable tropical reef fish. It is not known which specific fish varieties Disney used as impetus for the personality of Flounder, yet he is definitely not a flounder or a guppy.So let’s have actually a closer look in ~ the flounders, guppies, anglefishes and some various other options.
What kind of fish is Flounder?Is Flounder a tang?Is Flounder an angelfish?Is Flounder from The small Mermaid a guppy?Why Flounder is no a flounderWhy is Flounder referred to as Flounder if the is not a flounder?

What sort of fish is Flounder?

Disney did no specify what kind of fish flounder is. To it is in honest, us don’t also know if Flounder has actually real counterparts the end there in the ocean, provided that Disney prefer to mix up principles to develop their very own fictional world.There are, however, always elements that show what affected Disney’s creations. And also it appears that flounder could have been inspired by some fish types that are really the end there.There space two fish varieties that look very similar to Flounder. Flounder is a round, glowing yellow fish v blue stripes and fins. Extreme colors favor that deserve to only be found in dry fish.These fish could be Flounder’s genuine live relatives:Yellow tangConvict tangRoyal angelfishEmperor angelfishAll that them are tropical fish that mainly live in coral reefs. Let’s have a look in ~ them.

Is Flounder a tang?

Flounder’s many prominent features are his bright yellow color and his stripes. These attributes can be found in the yellow and the convict tang.
The yellow Hawaiian tang has an extreme yellow color like Flounder.
The yellow Hawaiian tang has one that the prettiest yellow colour in the ocean, which looks very much favor Flounder’s color.They can reach about 8 inches (20,3 cm) in length.The only problem is the the yellow tangs nothing have any type of blue strips favor Flounder.
The judge tang has actually a very similar stripe pattern to Flounder.
The convict flavor is a family member of the yellow tang and also they actually have actually stripes – as with a convict’s clothes. The stripes do in truth look very comparable to Flounder’s because they are vertical and they begin at the top and don’t reach every the method down to your bellies.They can flourish up to around 8 inches lengthy (20,3 cm).The only thing that doesn’t yes, really fit is the colors: castle aren’t an extremely yellow at all and their stripes have an ext of a gray shade than blue.

Is Flounder one angelfish?

Another sort of tropical fish the looks very comparable to Flounder is the angelfish. There room two varieties in particular, that can just be his brothers – two very royal brothers that is: the imperial angelfish and the emperor angelfish.
The imperial angelfish is yellow with blue stripes – similar to Flounder.
The imperial angelfish (also called regal angelfish) look at strikingly similar to Flounder. They have an extreme yellow color with blue and also gray vertical stripes.They can flourish up come 10 customs (25,4 cm) long.If they had actually fewer and also no gray stripes and also all fins were blue, they would be pretty lot indistinguishable. At the very least color and pattern-wise.But what about the body and also face shape? The tangs and the royal angelfish every don’t quite catch the cute expression that Flounder has. Yet there is one fish that has just that.
The emperor angelfish has actually a similar body and headshape come Flounder.
The emperor angelfish has actually the same cute baby challenge as Flounder. It also has the very same yellow shade as the yellow tang and the imperial angelfish, but it has actually horizontal instead of upright stripes. Flounder’s stripes room vertical though.They can obtain quite big, the adult are about 15 inches (38,1 cm) in length. So size-wise all four of the fish would be the a similar size as Flounder is in the movies as soon as you compare him to Ariel.However, i think that through the fin detracted the tangs might be a little bit smaller than Flounder remained in the movies. The 2 angelfish can be pretty lot the same size as him though.Since they nothing only have the right size but likewise look an ext similar to Flounder, the probability the Disney offered angelfish as an inspiration for Flounder is rather high.

Is Flounder from The little Mermaid a guppy?

Guppies look an extremely different compared to Flounder – and also they space tiny.Some civilization do yet think the Flounder is a guppy. However is that also possible?Flounder is not a guppy since he is no that small and he has actually stripes, i m sorry guppies execute not have. Guppies are tiny fish, castle only prosper 0.6–2.4 inches long (1.5–6 cm). If Flounder to be the dimension of a guppy he would certainly be as tiny as Ariel’s pinky or also smaller!The idea that Flounder can be a guppy more than likely came up due to the fact that Ariel calls the a guppy in the movie. When she sneaks come the sunken delivery on the soil of the sea to view if she can uncover some human being treasures, she bring away Flounder through her.But that is scared and tells Ariel there can be sharks around. Ariel replies speak “Flounder, nothing be together a guppy“.You can click the video clip to watch the scene (at 0:18 min).
A real flounder is pretty much the opposite of Flounder.Real flounders are a flatfish species the have evolved to live in ~ the bottom that oceans and also sometimes even rivers. There they camouflage themselves with their brown muddy shade that looks as with the s floor.As you have the right to see, they have a completely various appearance contrasted to Ariel’s girlfriend Flounder. Many importantly, they room not colorful.Their eye are additionally different 보다 in most other fish. They room both top top one next of their confront – the side that faces upwards, therefore they deserve to see what is happening above them.

Why is Flounder dubbed Flounder if he is not a flounder?

There is only one explanation for exactly how Flounder acquired his name: it doesn’t have anything to execute with his bilogical fish family but with his character.The word to flounder” means to it is in clumsy in the water (or mud) or to relocate awkwardly and also to be in a difficult situation or struggle with something together if you lost your balance for a while.You deserve to literally to speak “Flounder floundered around in the water” which would basically average that Flounder is a pretty clumsy fish, even in the water.This name actually fits his anxious character rather well. He it s okay scared easily. For example in that scene where he and also Ariel sneak right into the shipwreck, the is very worried that there can be a shark around.Furthermore, he is an extremely clumsy indeed! In the exact same scene, he it s okay stuck in the ship’s bull’s-eye, climate he it s okay scared through a skeleton and jumps against the wall surfaces of the ship making the wood loss down. Once the shark is after that he then bumps his head top top a pole.You can watch the video again to see what i mean. The is basically a cute fish in a china shop. For this reason his name actually renders a most sense after ~ all.

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