Last minute trip deals native Los Angeles to san Francisco International

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Direct flights from Los Angeles global to mountain Francisco International

Want to fly non-stop to mountain Francisco International? We’ll help you uncover your appropriate route.

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Los Angeles international to san Francisco International: different routes

Compare paths from Los Angeles worldwide to mountain Francisco below. You may find an airport to fly into that's cheaper, faster, or much easier than mountain Francisco International.

Los Angeles global to mountain Francisco International: trip information

The things to know prior to you go.

Cheapest flight found


Average trip time

1 hr 27 mins

Cheapest month come fly


Most famous airline

Qatar Airways

Flights every week



San Francisco Marriott Marquis Union Square



Club soldier Hotel in san Francisco



COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing fast, yet we're right here to aid you uncover the advice girlfriend need. Examine our live page on travel constraints to view if you have the right to travel indigenous Los Angeles worldwide to mountain Francisco International, and also if you'll must quarantine top top arrival.
What is the ideal price for a roundtrip flight from Los Angeles global to mountain Francisco International?
The finest price found on because that a trip from Los Angeles worldwide to san Francisco worldwide is $45. This was discovered by aggregating throughout different carriers and is the cheapest price because that the whole month.
There room 11 airlines who fly non-stop indigenous Los Angeles international to mountain Francisco International.
There space 375 flights every week paris from Los Angeles international to mountain Francisco International, together of October.

Cheap trip & Ticket information from LAX to SFO

Average trip TimeDeparture AirportDestination AirportDirect AirlineMinimum Round-Trip Ticket Price*
1 hour, 30 min
Los Angeles worldwide Airport
San Francisco international Airport
Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, jetBlue, United

Cheap Flights native LAX come SFO


Flight Frequency

Average trip Price*

Ticket Search

American Airlines

7 job a week



Alaska Airlines

7 work a week




7 days a week




7 days a week



*Round Trip flight prices were found at time of posting and also are topic to change. Be certain to carry out a flight search to check most current prices.

Traveling native LAX come SFO

Two that the West Coast’s most visited cities are situated 347 mile apart. L.A. Is uncovered in the southwest corner of California and also the flight time phibìc to san Francisco runs about an hour top top average. Escape on feasible departure delays and taxi arrival, you might want come tack an extra 20 minutes onto her flights from Los Angeles to mountain Francisco.

Los Angeles is among the united States’ biggest metropolitan areas, and also its respective global airport receives more passenger website traffic than almost any other in the world. Since it is located farther south, the weather in L.A. Is commonly hotter in the summer.

Six carriers sell direct, non-stop routes in between the two destinations, with United Airlines comprising the bulk of the Los Angeles to mountain Francisco flights. Additional airliners encompass Air China, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Continental, Delta, united state Airways, and also Virgin America.

Leaving LAX

Los Angeles worldwide is based in the Westchester, which is located 16 miles southwest of the city’s downtown core. The plane transports an estimated 70 million passengers every year, and also has earned the title, the “world’s busiest origin and also destination airport” for this reason.

Due come its sheer size and daily traffic, that is no surprised that LAX attributes nine different passenger terminals, the newest of these being Tom Bradley International. The Theme structure is a popular spot for visitors waiting to depart. Made come look choose a paris saucer, it has a retro-futurist inspired theme and good restaurant.

There space multiple locations to eat at every terminal, and also although LAX walk not have actually a designated children’s play area, parents deserve to take their children to the nearby Flight course Museum and Observation Deck. A 24-hour Wi-Fi happen runs $10 in the airport.

Seeing the sights of san Francisco

The City by the only is breathtaking, so if this is your first time visiting mountain Francisco, you are in because that a pretty surprise. No trip right here would be complete without a tour of the famous gold Gate Bridge. A long-standing social icon, this 2-mile lengthy bridge offers breathtaking views of the Pacific and is close to the historic Alcatraz Island.

Fisherman’s kai is another highly-visited area, when referred to as tiny Italy by its residents, and contains plenty of restaurants and shops. A tourism of Chinatown and also The mountain Francisco Museum of contemporary Art should absolutely be on your travel itinerary together well.

Sightseeing and also shopping can be a little bit expensive in mountain Fran, so take benefit of the cheap flights from Los Angeles to mountain Francisco offered by Affordable airfare have the right to be yours any type of time that the year!

Flights indigenous LAX come SFO: commonly Asked Questions

What trip Schedules are obtainable for the LAX come SFO Route?

The LAX to SFO route has over 400 flights booked each week. Even if it is you are very early bird or a night dweller, over there is an available flight to suit your needs.

What airline Fly the LAX come SFO Route?

When travel from LAX come SFO, you can publication direct flights with:

. Use's flight booking tool to get the cheapest airfare.

Is very first Class Seating obtainable for this Route?

Yes! You deserve to upgrade your ticket and also enjoy every one of the comforts of first class and business class and also still take benefit of affordable airfare. Check with the specific airline you space traveling with for very first class and business course availability.


When must I come at LAX because that My Outbound Flight?

TSA recommends that you come at the airplane at least two hours early on for every outbound flights, no matter how close or far away you room traveling. This ensures that you have enough time to get checked in and also go with the airport security checkpoint prior to your trip boards.

Is LAX basic to Navigate?

LAX is easy to navigate thanks to its effective layout and numerous map kiosks located transparent the airport. LAX has actually nine various terminals that cater to domestic as well as international flights.

What is the travel Time between LAX and also SFO?

The approximate take trip time indigenous LAX to SFO is 1 hour and also 9 minutes.

Is it easier to fly or journey from LAX to SFO?

If you space not a pan of long distance driving, that is certainly easier to paris the route than to drive it. The journey from LAX to SFO will take around 6 hours throughout normal control conditions, whereas a trip will have actually you in mountain Francisco in a tiny over one hour.

How large is SFO?

SFO is the 2nd busiest airplane in California and consists of three domestic terminals and a single international terminal. As soon as you arrive at SFO, there will certainly be lot of of signs and maps to help you navigate with the facility.

How much is SFO native downtown san Francisco?

SFO is located around 13 miles from downtown san Francisco. The airport has actually several various ground transportation options including BART, rental automobile services, hotel shuttles, and rideshare services.

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Can alarm Me as soon as a Cheap flight from LAX to SFO is Found?

Yes! Download the application to her phone and also let united state do every one of the heavy research job-related for you. monitors the internet looking for airfare price reductions and can send friend an instant an alert when the price autumn for your selected route.