The additive inverse of the the number 18/23 provided in the question is - 18/23. Usually the additive inverse means that the number should add up with the given number to provide the result as zero. I hope that this is the the you were looking for and also the has actually actually involved your preferred help.

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Marge Torelli is a pilot. Her yearly group insurance expenses $4,400 and her agency pays 80% of the cost. How much go Marge salary
The insurance company pays 80% of $4,400:0.8*4400 = $3520Therefor the quantity Marge payment is 4400 - 3520 = $880Note yet that $4400 is the price of annual group insurance, therefore to uncover how lot she pays monthly we should divide the amount she payment in one year by 12:880/12 = $73.33 (correct to two decimal places)

a) 8, multiplicity 2; 8, multiplicity 3

Step-by-step explanation:

Remember that a is a zero that the polynomial f(x) if f(a)=0 and also has multiplicity n if the termn (x-a) is n times in the administrate of f(x).

We have that


Observe that



and (x+8) show up two time in the administrate of f(x). Climate -8 is a zero that f(x) through multiplicity 2.



and and also (x - 8) show up three time in the factorization of f(x). Then 8 is a zero that f(x) with multiplicity 3.

Since f(x) has degree 5 and also the sum of the multiplicities is 5 climate f(x) hasn"t more zeros.

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A crate 4 centimeters high 9 centimeters large and 5centimeters long just how much clay cn it hold
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This is volume, i beg your pardon is length times broad time height.4*9*5=180
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Bank A charges a $10 organization fee and $0.10 for each inspect written. Bank B charges $8 and
Murljashka <212>

A human needs to create 20 checks each month for financial institution A and also B to charge the exact same amount of fees ($12).

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Step-by-step explanation:

let number of checks be stood for by c

Bank A equation = 10 + 0.10c

Bank B equation= 8 + 0.20c

Equate the above equations to every other and solve because that c

10 +0.10c = 8 + 0.20c

Group numbers on one side and the variables top top the other;

10 - 8 = 0.20c - 0.10c

2 = 0.10c

Divide both political parties by c to get c = 20

If you plugin 20 for c in each equation, you"l gain $12 in total fees for each bank, making your fees equal.

Therefore , a person needs to create 20 checks each month for financial institution A and also B to fee the very same amount that fees($12)

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