Fairy Tail: 10 methods Lucy Heartfilia adjusted Between The start & finish Of The series Over the next few years, Lucy really prospered up and adjusted as a person, and also she walk from one excitable but naive girl come a mighty Celestial wizard.

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The anime Fairy Tail has Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia as co-leads, much more or less, and it is with Lucy"s perspective that viewers that this show get to know the many wizards that the Fairy Tail guild. Lucy Heartfilia to be born right into the wealthy and also influential Heartfilia family, yet she wasn"t contents to simply ride horses and make political ploys. She wanted adventure, and she acquired it.

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Over the next few years, Lucy really grew up and changed as a person, and she went from an excitable however somewhat naive young woman to a mighty Celestial magician who can stare under the series" strongest foes and also save the day. Exactly how did Lucy transform it s her from illustration 1 to the end?

Lucy didn"t have the best relationship v her father, Jude Heartfilia. He was demanding, strict and also distant, and also he take it his mam Layla"s death rather hard. Once Lucy was a teenager, she defied her father and fled the family, wealth and also all. She turn her earlier on him.

Over time, though, the 2 Heartfilias began to readjust their tune, and also when Jude"s fortunes were gone, that tried no hope to mend ties with his estranged daughter. Eventually, after the occasions of the Tenrou Island arc, Lucy want to see her father again, only to find his tombstone. She open minded wept in ~ the sight.

Juvia forcing love potion under Gray's throat
growing up, Lucy assumed that every wizards to be wonderful and enchanting people, and she once got suckered through Salamander/Bora, who took benefit of just how much young ladies adored him. Lucy gained a rude awakening the day, however at least she had actually Natsu about to help.

Now, Lucy has dealt with with and against many various wizards, and she understands that some wizards are indeed noble, such together Erza Scarlet, but many others space sleazy, selfish, eccentric or simply plain goofy. Lock come in all types, prefer anyone else.

lucy and erza
Lucy puts a lot of of effort into she appearance as well as her magic, and that has her hairstyles. Lucy has actually long blonde hair, and also at the start of the show, she wore it fairly loose, except for a partial ponytail come the side, held together with a bow. She preserved this watch for some time.

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Later on, Lucy switched to twin ponytails, and also when she offers her Taurus magic dress outfit, she hair is done up in two buns, not unlike Minerva"s hairstyle. As soon as in a while, Lucy also has she hair totally loose, but not often.

7 she Outfits readjust As Well

The sorcerer’s guilds don"t worry uniforms; the wizards at these guilds are free to wear everything they choose, and some Fairy Tail members change outfits often. Juvia Lockser readjusted her attire a few times, and also so go Lucy.

At first, Lucy wore sleeveless shirts and pleated skirts, yet she later readjusted to one outfit that consisted of one lengthy sleeve and also a different (and shorter) skirt, plus higher boots. And she transforms her outfits even an ext when she offers her magic star costume while wielding Celestial magic, such as her Taurus cowgirl outfit (among others).

Lucy has much more than one score in mind. It"s true that she primarily aims to come to be a an effective wizard and also collect the twelve yellow keys, yet she additionally has an attention in journalism and fiction. In her spare time, Lucy place pen to paper and practices her craft.

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Not much of this was seen at first, however eventually, Lucy achieved her dream that reporting for Sorcerer Magazine, and she had a great time that it. She later on won an compensation for she first-ever novel, something the her fellow guildmates were immensely proud of she for.

5 Lucy move To The City

where does Lucy live, if she is no longer at the Heartfilia estate? She found herself an apartment in the town of Magnolia because that a kind price, and chose come live there alone. She sometimes has actually a tiny trouble making rent, yet she tries she best.

Later, after the Fairy Tail guild dissolved after the Tartaros arc, Lucy relocated come the an excellent city that Crocus, for this reason she might work for Sorcerer Magazine and be in the special of every the action. At some point, Natsu and Happy the cat met she there, and commented on just how nice her new apartment was.

Natsu was the an initial Fairy Tail guildmate whom Lucy ever met, and also he"s been critical part of she life ever since. Natsu is rough and also tumble and rather blunt compared to Lucy, yet they complement each various other well, and also their friendship only deepened due to the fact that their first meeting.

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By some point, Natsu could turn around a losing situation and also go into overdrive whenever Lucy was in danger, and also Lucy counted on Natsu more than everyone else. She was pushed to impress him and repay that for all he"s done for her, and no various other Fairy Tail character can inspire Lucy like that.

3 Her arsenal Of tricks Expanded

Lucy was born v the potential for Celestial magic, similar to her mom Layla and also her ancestor Anne. Lucy is ~ above a search to collect all 12 golden keys (based on astrological signs), and also she"s collecting the silver tricks too, such together those that Pluie and Horologium.

At first, Lucy only had Taurus and Aquarius to she name, but she soon gained Virgo, a pink-haired maid v an affinity because that the earth, and also she also obtained Aries and Gemini and put lock to great use. However, Libra and Pisces continued to be with Yukino, a fellow Celestial mage.

Deep down, Aquarius the spirit always wanted to defend Lucy and always believed in her, but Aquarius wasn"t too fast to show these feelings. Instead, this mermaid-like spirit was difficult on Lucy and also didn"t act like a low grade at all. Instead, she date Scorpio and teased Lucy for being single and, in Aquarius" eyes, weak. Harsh words, to say the least.

But by the series" end, Lucy had actually truly proven herself, even to the unforgiving Aquarius, and also this spirit and also Lucy cooperated one critical time come defeat your enemies, at the cost of their bond. Both of them were in tears together they were compelled to to speak good-bye.

1 she Combat Power

Lucy was always a qualified wizard, and she to be a smart and crafty one at that. However in the beginning, Lucy"s combat power was fairly limited, and there wasn"t a totality lot she could do alone. Over time, she not only collected much more gold keys, but learned to actors other spells, too.

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Lucy started to don she star costume to struggle the opponent up close, such together her cowgirl Taurus star dress and her Cancer star dress, i beg your pardon came v two scissor-swords. She likewise later learned to use Fairy Sphere and also Unison Raid, which further boosted her power in combat.

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