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"Lullaby" is a tune by American absent singer Shawn Mullins, indigenous the album Soul"s Core. It to be released in 1998. The song has come to be Mullins" most successful song to date, reaching number one top top the united state Billboard Adult optimal 40, number seven on the Billboard hot 100, and number ripe on the Billboard modern Rock monitor chart. It also had success abroad, getting to number nine on the UK Singles Chart, number five in Australia and number two in Canada. The song has showed up on thirty-two different releases including the initial album, Soul"s Core, biggest hits albums, 1990s compilations and acoustic compilations. An ext »

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She prospered up through The kids of the starsIn the Hollywood Hills and the boulevardHer parents threw large partiesEveryone was thereThey hung out with folks likeDennis Hopper, Bob Seeger, and also Sonny and also Chershe feeling safe currently in this bar on FairfaxAnd native the stage I can tell thatShe can"t permit go and also she can"t relaxAnd just prior to she hangs she head come cryI sing to her a lullaby, i singEverything"s gonna be every rightRockabye, rockabyeEverything"s gonna be every rightRockabye, rockabyeRockabyeShe still resides with she mom exterior the cityDown that street about a half a mileAnd every her friend tell her She"s therefore prettyBut she"d it is in a entirety lot prettierIf she smiled as soon as in a while"Cause also her laugh Looks choose a frownShe"s seen her re-publishing of devils In this angel towneverything"s gonna be every rightRockabye, rockabyeEverything"s gonna be every rightRockabye, rockabyeRockabyeI called her i ain"t therefore sure about this placeIt"s difficult to beat a gig in this town and also keep a straight faceSeems like everybody"s got a planIt"s type of like Nashville through a tanEverything"s gonna be all rightRockabye, rockabyeEverything"s gonna be every rightRockabye, rockabyeEverything"s gonna be all rightRockabye, rockabyeEverything"s gonna be all rightRockabye, rockabye, Rockabye, bye, byeBye, bye

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Shawn Mullins Shawn Mullins (born march 8, 1968) is one American singer-songwriter that specializes in individual rock, crucial rock, adult alternative, and also Americana music.

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He is finest known for the 1998 solitary "Lullaby", which fight number one ~ above the Adult top 40 and was nominated for a Grammy Award. An ext »