KATY Perry shocked fans together she hired her celebrity twin Zooey Deschanel in her new music video.

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The singer, 36, gained her brand-new Girl actress doppelganger, 40, come play she in the futuristic clip for she song, not The finish Of The World.

Katy Perry rental Zooey Deschanel come play she in a music video

The video clip kicks off with Katy pushing her four-month-old infant daughter, Daisy Dove - who was born in august - down the street in a pram.

Zooey, meanwhile, sits on a bench adjacent reading a newspaper.

Aliens intending to conserve Katy from "the finish of the world" mistake Zooey because that the Teenage Dream singer and also accidentally zap she onto their spaceship instead.

"Are you sure that's her?" one alien states to another, before they all start chanting, "Katy! Katy! Katy!"




The actress is dressed up in Katy's iconic look at Credit: VeVo

A bemused Zooey explains: "No, no, no, sorry... Misunderstanding. I'm Zooey!"

Her clear up is quickly swept aside by her intergalactic buds, who are encouraged she is the i Kissed A Girl hitmaker.

They dress Zooey up in Katy's many iconic looks, native cupcake bras to lollipop accessories and even dye her hair electric-blue.

The clip - which to be directed by similar But different - is for Katy's laugh album, which dropped in so late August.


Katy walks previous Zooey, who's reading the newspaper Credit: VeVo

Katy and Zooey have regularly been explained as every other's celebrity lookalikes, through some fans likewise likening both come actress Emily Blunt.

Alongside fostering her brand-new album, Katy is busy being a first-time mommy to Daisy, who she shares v her fiancé, Orlando Bloom.

Earlier this month, the singer admitted she's to be struggling come get any kind of sleep while looking after ~ the newborn.

She makes an impressive lookalike for Katy Credit: The Mega Agency

Katy told Hugh Jackman and also his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, in ~ a Meditate America virtual event: "I'm a brand-new mother.

"My daughter – she's together a gift – but there is occasionally a challenge concerning sleep no matter how much assistance you have.

"But where am ns going to obtain those six hours that I supplied to get? wherein did the go?"

Fans were loving Katy's decision to cast Zooey together her celeb twinCredit: Twitter

The singer - who newly revealed she trim post-baby body - stated she records up on rest as soon as she meditates.

The Daisies singer said: "There's been so countless different ways has blessed me, however in this specific moment, together a new mother, ns take 20 minutes."

Katy and her fiancé Orlando invited their very first child, Daisy, in august Credit: AP:Associated Press

The brand-new mom does have plenty on her plate as she's also scoping the end a brand-new home with Orlando.

The gibbs previously dubbed himself the baby whisperer while talk to Ellen DeGeneres.


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The Hollywood star defined that that chants a buddhism mantra to Daisy that he himself likewise says every morning once he wakes up.

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He said: "So now, ns would simply walk into her room and she hears my voice, and it soothes her, and also when I have her, i sorta simply chant in her ear, it's rather sweet.

"And Katy's like, 'what?' It's choose I'm a baby whisperer, therefore I'm absolutely winning the daddy points."

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