In order for electrons to circulation they require a closed circuit. An electric circuit gives a complete, closed course for electricity. The components of a circuit consists a fill or resistance; wires; and a switch. The resource of energy can be a battery, thermocouple, photocell or an electric generator. The pack is the component of the circuit that offers the power. The fill of the circuit always offers some resistance to the circulation of electrons. As a an outcome energy is convert into heat, irradiate or mechanical energy. The move is an electric circuit is supplied to avoid the circulation of electrons. This is dubbed an open up circuit

There space two species of electrical circuits, the series and parallel circuit.

Series Circuit

A series circuit there is only one route for the electrons to flow (see image of series circuit). The key disadvantage the a collection circuit is the if over there is a rest in the circuit the whole circuit is open and also no present will flow. An instance of a collection would the the lights on countless inexpensive Christmas trees. If one light goes out every one of them will.


Parallel Circuit

In a parallel circuit the different parts that the electric circuit room on several different branches. There space several different paths the electrons have the right to flow. If there is a break in one branch the the circuit electrons deserve to still circulation in various other branches (see image of parallel circuit). Your home is wired in a parallel circuit so if one light bulb goes out the various other will stay on.

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Electric Circuits in your Home

In your home you will notification that most outlets have 3 prongs. Connected to the outlet space three wires. 2 of the wires operation parallel to every other and also have a potential distinction of 120 volts in the US, in Europe the potential difference is 220 volts. The 3rd wire is connected to the ground. A wire the is associated to the ground offers the shortest route of electrons to Earth.This 3rd wire carries no current. The cable is just a safety and security feature against short circuits. A brief circuit is when an accident occurs the lets electrical energy take a shorter path in ~ the circuit. These circuits have actually less resistance and therefore an ext current flow. If the high potential wire need to touch the other steel surface of an appliance the entire appliance will draw current and give the human touching it a shock. The soil wire having actually a much shorter circuit gives a safety feature, so instead of existing flowing through the appliance that will flow to the ground.

Circuit Safety features - Fuses and also Circuit Breakers

Your residence only enables so lot electricity intake at a time. Depending on the wiring some residences may permit as lot as 150 amps to enter the entirety home in ~ one time, This is divided amongst many circuits. The typical circuit in a residence is 15 or 20 amps. Much more current flowing with the cable will cause them to heat and could start a fire. That is because of this necessary to have devices that will stop the flow of electron once the current gets to high. A fuse is a common an equipment in numerous homes. Inside the fuse is a tiny strip of metal. When the current flowing v it is too high that will cause the thin strip to melt and also this will reason the circuit to break.

Fuses have the disadvantage that when the fuse is burnt out they must be replaced. A far better solution is to usage what is called a circuit breaker. A circuit breaker has a move which opens as soon as the current is as well high. This prevents any flow that current. The switch can manually it is in closed after ~ the lot of existing being offered is decreased. An example is as soon as you turn on too many electron tools in your home that exceed 15 amps the circuit breaker transforms off

Test her Understanding:

1. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is no true a) In order because that electrons to flow they require a closed circuit b) the resource of energy in a circuit can be a battery, thermocouple or photocell c) there space two types of circuits, collection and parallel d) The pack of a circuit provides no resistance to the circuit 2. The way a fuse functions is a) as current in the cable increases beyond a particular point a chemical adjust occurs which converts the conducting product to an insulating material. This cut off the circulation of current. b) )the fuse has a thin piece of steel inside a closeup of the door container. Once too much existing flows the piece meltsand this reasons a break in the circuit c) a fuse works as soon as the metal inside broadens from the heat and also break the container causing a short. d) a fuse has a vacuum which allows current come flow. When too much present flows with the fuse the vacuum is lost and the circuit is broken. 3. What is the key disadvantage of a series circuit.

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a) the cost to preserve the parts for a collection b) the key disadvantage of a collection circuit is the if there is a rest in the circuit the entire circuit is open and no current will flow. c) a series circuit have the right to only be supplied with low current d) a collection circuit deserve to only be offered with low voltage loads 4. In your house the socket includes 3 holes. Which statement is no correct about these holes. a) 2 of the wires operation parallel to every other and contain 120 volts in the US. b) In Europe the potential distinction is 220 volts c) all 3 wires space live and contain existing d) The 3rd wire does not contain current but is linked to the soil 5. Why is your house wired in a parallel circuit a) when appliances in your house are connected in a parallel, every of them deserve to be placed on and off independently. b) It guarantee all components in the circuit have the same voltage together the source. c) both are correct