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MID 128, PID 111 Coolant level‌

FMI 1 – Data valid but over normal to work range

Fault password explanation:

Coolant level is as well low.

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Fault indication:

DCU: Engine warning in DCU display. CIU: flash code

Flash code

Electrical fault: 2.3

Value fault: 2.2


Engine is derated if the engine protection parameter is activated.

Suitable action:

1 examine the coolant level.

2 Bleed the coolant water system.

3 If short coolant level inspect the coolant water mechanism for leakage by a push test.

4 check the pressure valve in the coolant cup.

5 examine the wiring to the coolant level switch.

6 check the coolant level switch.

FMI 3– Voltage above normal or shorted high

Fault password explanation:

Faulty move / Faulty move circuit

Fault indication:

DCU: Engine warning in DCU display. CIU: flash code

Flash code

Electrical fault: 2.3

Value fault: 2.2

Conditions because that fault code:

The voltage on pin B23 in the engine control unit is as well high.

Possible reason:

Short circuit to battery voltage on pen B23.

Suitable action:

1 inspect the cable harness in between the coolant level switch and the EMS2.








B 2




Circuit description

The coolant level in the engine is monitored by a level switch. Pen 23 ~ above the engine manage unit (EMS2) pro- vides pin 1 top top the level switch through supply voltage. Pin 2 top top the level move is linked to battery an unfavorable via pen 10 on the engine control unit. The level switch has actually two states: On/Off.

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The level switch is composed of 2 sections, the really switch and a magnetic float i m sorry is built into the


a Connector B b Coolant level

expansion tank. The switch senses the place of the

magnetic float. Once the coolant level falls, the rise operates the switch and also a close up door circuit is formed.


Checking it is provided cable, coolant level switch web page 158

Checking negative cable, coolant level switch page 158

Checking coolant level switch web page 158

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