A recent Instagram post revealed a junkyard in Georgia pack to the brim with general Lees in varying claims of disrepair.

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General Lee run Cars Dukes that Hazzard
The top TV show Dukes that Hazzard starred the "General Lee" evade Charger as lot as it ever did the eponymous family that involved in fun southerly hijinks. But as lot as human being actors might struggle v the day-in-day-out demands of filming one episodic TV series, the basic Lee truly obtained put through its paces due to the absurd lot of automobile stunts involving jumps top top the show. In fact, estimates place the number of Dodge Chargers destroyed at approximately 300, when 18 were preserved in good enough shape for appearances the didn"t indicate destruction.

So plenty of General Lees made the onto the set that some were different model-year examples—and some were even AMC Ambassadors in disguise. Maintaining all those cars straight was pretty lot impossible, which makes it all the much more interesting for Dukes the Hazzard fans the a current Instagram article revealed a junkyard in Georgia pack to the brim with basic Lees in varying states of disrepair.


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General Lee run Cars Dukes of Hazzard 2 via autoevolution
Apparently, this automotive graveyard is linked to one organization referred to as the "Northeast Ohio Dukes" and also stuntman Raymond Kohn, and also to a collection of reenactment stunt events featuring Dukes of Hazzard-inspired shenanigans. It"s virtually impossible to tell whether any type of of the car were in reality on the initial TV series, or whether they were thrown together, painted orange, and rebuilt in later years.

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General Lee jump Cars Dukes the Hazzard 3 via autoevolution
The Instagram description cases that one of the car is a legit R/T model, though the rest are in such disrepair that it"s almost impossible to even case that they were ever before Chargers and also not Ambassadors. Through welded-shut doors, roll cages, and also stripped interiors, these were purposefully placed together to be destroyed, though they make for rather a sight when posed alongside other likely replicas like Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane"s cop cruiser.


Sources: Instagram, Autoevolution

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