Despite the sweltering heat, Nevada was named the sixth best state because that a summer roadway trip, because that the drive from ras Vegas to Reno. Right here are some areas to see on the 450-mile journey.

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The music room in Scotty"s castle at fatality Valley national Park as checked out Saturday march 9, 2013. (Jeff Scheid/Las las vegas Review-Journal)
Walker Lake in the Nevada desert close to Hawthorne, Nev., is presented April 29, 1998. (Tim Dunn/Reno Gazette-Journal)

Despite the sweltering heat, Nevada was named the sixth finest state for a summer roadway trip, because that the drive from las Vegas to Reno.

The ranking from WalletHub was determined by driving and accommodation costs, website traffic conditions and also safety, weather conditions and fun and scenic attractions.

There are two key routes one can take to visit the “Biggest little City in the World,” yet the road most traveled is a 450 mile, 7 hour drive on the U.S. 95 winding up Nevada’s western border. Think around making this stops along the way:


A ghost town just exterior of Beatty, there space actually simply a few buildings left stand in the 111-year-old town. One building was made out of 10,000 beer bottles. If you were just passing with the “Gateway to death Valley,” you can be surprised by the giant Pink Woman. She’s a 25-foot tall cinder block arts installation titled “Lady Desert: The Venus the Nevada.” an additional installation is a ghostly sports of “The last Supper,” through sculptor Albert Szukalski native 1985.

Scotty’s Castle

A lock 115 miles north of las Vegas off path 267 in death Valley is a little bit off the main route, yet worth checking out. The massive desert mansion is run by the nationwide Park Service, where guided tourism are held for $15. The lavish mansion cost much more than $2 million (in the early on 1900s) come build.

Goldfield Hotel

Three hrs away from ras Vegas you’ll with a small town called Goldfield, whereby the supposedly haunted Goldfield Hotel is. The city was in ~ one allude one the Nevada’s largest, but was fight by a period of speed floods and also fires, consisting of a 1923 fire that damaged much the the city. The hotel is stated to it is in the home of several ghosts, consisting of a woman through a grisly story that can be check out here.


If you’re taking a night journey to Reno, it’s recommended that you protect against overnight in Tonopah, a little more than fifty percent way there. The city was once called the no. 1 stargazing location in America by USA now for their dark skies. Probably you can record a glimpse the those UFO things world talk about.

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Walker Lake

If on her drive friend don’t feel prefer detouring come the beautiful Lake Tahoe, however want to stop for a picnic, the key highway passes right by walker Lake, just north that Hawthorne. The lake offers the exact same as Lake Mead — boating, swimming and also camping — except with much more natural history. The lake was when a component of the primitive Lake Lahontan, i m sorry covered most of northwestern Nevada throughout the ice age.