New York City is among the greatest & most iconic cities in the world, filled with high-rises such realm State Building, one world trade center and also the Rockefeller centre!

In addition, come it being a melt pot for culture, native Chinatown to little Italy. Together the hub that the east coastline its the ideal launching pad for some epic road trips!

Whereas Cleveland is an understated city recognize for that Rock and also Roll hall of Fame, Cleveland metro Parks nature make reservation & Emerald Necklace.

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On a Road pilgrimage Between brand-new York and Cleveland, you will certainly encounter some of the most stunning natural wonders brand-new York State has to offer!

From the it s as beautiful as picture finger lakes an ar to the epos Niagara Falls! i beg your pardon is over over 15,000 years old & attractive 30 million travellers each year! 

Alternative road trip routes including stopping turn off at the good city the Philadelphia because that a philadelph cheese steak! before driving v Lancaster, home to the mysterious Amish County!

So begin your engines, pack your travel essentials and get ready for a life an altering road trip!

How long is the drive from brand-new York to Cleveland?

Driving straight to Cleveland from brand-new York will certainly take you approximately 8-9 hours and also you will cover 463 miles. However, the best part about any kind of road trip is the an excellent places you have the right to stop en route!!

Which is the best Driving course between brand-new York & Cleveland?

There are a couple of alternative courses which ns briefly mentioned in the introduction. Here is the list:

Route 1 – Scenic Road pilgrimage Via Finger Lakes/Niagara Falls! This Road trip is longer yet so much more scenic!Route 2 – Via Philadelphia & Amish CountyThis road pilgrimage Route is much shorter and passes with Philadelphia and much more quaint towns!

Philadelphia-road trip

Alternative routes: 

Tip: You have the right to download a complimentary walking tourism map for Cumberland, HERE

Insider Tip:

We drive the road expedition on a loop! we took Route 1 via Finger Lakes & Niagara falls ~ above the method there and took Route 2 via Amish County ~ above the return leg!

(I’ve included all the best places to stop and also route top top this beneficial interactive map below, to help you plan!)

Interactive Road pilgrimage map (New York to Cleveland)

Dive right into our interactive Map below!

User Guide:  Simply Click the +/- buttons to zoom in & out, click a favourite attraction, and click directions symbol to give you the control or go route straight there!

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Road trip Itinerary (New York come Cleveland)

Route 1 – Scenic Road trip Via Finger Lakes/Niagara Falls:Ostego County, NYCleveland, OHRoute 2 – Via Philadelphia & Amish CountyEdison, NJLongwood GardensHarrisburgHershey, PA- residence to the famous chocolate Factory!Clearfield, NYCleveland, OH

Road expedition Highlights:

Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg is located in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. Be sure to check out the historical Indian Echo Taverns, a labyrinth the caves which were a base for the Susquehannock Indians

Visit Hersheys cacao world!

Take the short drive come Hershey i beg your pardon has numerous attractions centralised approximately the famous chocolate factory!

From the Hershey Museum i m sorry is devoted to Milton S. Hershey and also the Hershey coco Story. Come amusement rides and even a gift shop at chocolate World.


Hersheys cacao world! Source;

Insider Tip:

Check the end Hershey’s Museum the Bus Transportation, which offers 12 buses on screen that were made in between 1912 and 1975.

Where to stay?

Near Harrisburg, Homewood Suites Harrisburg East is no a bad option. It offers two televisions, a kitchenette, swimming pool, whirlpool bathtub & fitness room.

Insider Tip:

In you plan on visiting Hershey Park, you deserve to stay overnight in ~ the Hershey Lodge , Hotel Hershey

These both market a spaceship service and also discount ticket to the amusement park.

In addition, coco extras such together costumed Hershey characters which visit friend at your breakfast table!

The lodge is much more family-aimed, while Hershey Hotel is much more luxurious and offers one on-site spa.

The Sheraton Hershey Hotel is the perfect location for couples!

Clearfield, PA

Clearfield is the halfway allude between brand-new York City and Cleveland. Native charming style to distinctive attractions over there is alot to watch in central Pennsylvania.

Be certain to inspect out Grice Clearfield ar Museum i beg your pardon showcases over 60 classic cars conversely, the Susquehanna flow Arts center exhibits a range of regional & expert artwork.

For part adventure, drive a couple of miles south of I-80 to black Moshannon State Park, a 3,481 acre park good for boating, fishing and biking in summer, or snowmobiling, skating and also cross-country skiing in the winter.


dutch-pantry- Clearfield, PA

Hungry? , Thirsty?

After the visit head come the iconic netherlands Pantry i beg your pardon is a an excellent family restaurant.

Address: 14680 Clearfield Shawville Hwy, Clearfield, PA 16830, united States

Phone: +1 814-765-2137

You should additionally check out Dennys Beer Barrel Pub, and shot the infamous holy GRAIL, a 9 lb. Food consisting of 6 lbs. That hamburger, 3 lbs. That sides!

Where to remain in Clearfield?

We found three hotels which are good to stay and also all encompass pools, fitness centers and totally free in room Wi-Fi.

Holiday Inn refer HotelHampton Inn Clearfield Comfort Inn Clearfield.

Insider Tip:

All of this hotels encompass Breakfast in ~ the room rate. The Hampton & lull inns offer 24-hour beverage centers.

B & B?

For much more charm examine out the victor Loft Bed & Breakfast.

This uses a Library & Wi-Fi in your room and also you can also use the grand Piano in the music room (If you have the right to play!) or just relax in the victorian Parlor by the fireplace!

Insider Tip:

A great place come grab an Instagram snap!

Lancaster, Amish County

The second largest & earliest Amish neighborhood in the U.S. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is the many well known and popular Amish settlement to visit. Lancaster county is a lot more diverse than Holmes County, Ohio.

Amish Buggy Ride in ~ Lancaster County. Picture by: Raindear60

For much more on Amish counties in America, check out: Top 13 Amish neighborhoods in America : society Guide

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city, renowned for it’s well-off history, tasty foods and also vibrant culture! Historically, Philadelphia to be the inception point for the United claims of America.

Check out them Philadelphia Museum the Art, i beg your pardon is famed for the iconic scene, whereby Rocky ran increase the steps, “Yo Adrian, we did it”.
Be certain you have some great Travel Photography gear!
Liberty Bell Center

This is a must SEE attraction for all Americans! simply opposite freedom Hall, you will uncover the Liberty Bell facility located in freedom National historic Park.


Liberty Bell, Philadelphia roadway trip. Source: getty Images

Where to eat??

Philadelphia is a melt pot for part epic foodstuffs such together the mouth watering Philly cheese steak! 


Reading Terminal Food Market, Philadelphia

One of ideal places to sample the finest of philadelph is at Reading Terminal Market  a Food market which consists of over 80 different food vendors!

It’s the perfect location to shot some local Philly foods and also baked goods. In addition, to a range of international foods such together Greek, Mexican, Indian and also even Thai!

Address: 51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, United says (beneath the 1891 train station (a National historical Landmark!)

Cooperstown, NY

Cooperstown in Ostego ar is a quaint town area which package a large punch in brand-new York state. Baseball pan will recognize the town as home of National Baseball hall of fame ,which celebrate the legendary players & supervisors from yesteryear.


National Baseball hall of reputation is a good place for families! Source:

Many pick to head under to Doubleday Field, to clock a ball game! Head follow me the charming key street to find plenty of quaint shops & an excellent restaurants.

If your into some culture why not inspect out the world renowned Fenimore art Museum and The Farmers’ Museum. 

For more info on Cooperstown & Ostego county inspect out: Chicago to Cooperstown Road trip Itinerary via Niagara Falls!
Finger Lakes, NY

Finger Lakes is a picturesque region, famous for its alcohol vineyards, with over 100 in the area! girlfriend will likewise find boat cruises, farmer markets and a selection of Museums.


Finger Lakes brand-new York

If you require some driving impetus head to Watkins Glen global racing circuit

Fun Fact: The surname “Finger Lakes” comes from the finger form of two lakes Seneca and also Cayuga, which are several of the deepest in the US.

Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara falls is the raging wonder that the USA!


Niagara Falls. Source:

Fun facts about Niagara Falls:

The Largest loss (Horse shoes falls) is on the Canadian side 176 feet / 53.6 meter high.600,000 U.S. Gallons / 2,271,247 litres per second flow over horse shoe falls.The very first person to go over the falls in a barrel and make it through was a 63 year old female schoolteacher. In 2012 Nik Wallenda was the an initial person to overcome the Niagara drops by tightrope in 116 years. (He also had to current his passport in ~ the border regardless of being top top a tightrope!) 

Insider Tip:

Peak flow at Niagara drops is in the daytime during peak tourist season (June, July, and also August). If you want much less tourists you can head an different time that year.

For much more on Niagara Falls, inspect out: New York City come Niagara drops Road trip!

Essential Road pilgrimage Tips:

1. Book Your many hotels in Advance!

To avoid having actually to drive roughly looking for hotels as soon as your tired (My mam hates this!)

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2. Gain the best deal on automobile Rental 

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3. Need an RV?

If you an elaborate an RV adventure, you need to check RV Share

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4. Carry a good Travel Camera!

Want to catch those holidays memories? for friends, facebook or even Instagram!

A phone just doesn’t compare with a high top quality travel camera, they are well worth the investment!

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Make sure you space equip v some an excellent Photography Gear!

5. Make certain you have actually all your crucial Travel Accessories 

Phone died?? You must have carried a Chargeable power bank now your grounding in the mountains (Happened come me in the Rockies!!).

Other necessary Travel Accessories, i don’t leave house without include;

Space conserving Water bottles (These are good for a work out through the family or hiking!)Comfy Neck Pillows (A must have actually for long road trips)Hidden Money Belt (These are an important when travel in busy tourist locations where pickpockets are common)

Have you packed every your travel essentials!??


6. Acquire yourself a high top quality backpack,

Pots the Jam smashed!??? ~ leaving Pikes ar Farmers Market mine old backpack ripped and pots the Jam smashed everywhere!

I to be so embarrassed, don’t let this occur to you! A high top quality backpack is even an ext essential if out travelling with the family or hiking.

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7. Invest in a High quality tent

If you plan on camping the end under the stars and saving part money ~ above hotels!

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Organ-Pipe-Camping-winter. Source:

8. Pack your Sturdy long walking boots:

“These Boots are made for walking!” – Sturdy hiking boots are crucial when visiting the good US national Parks or also a lengthy days hiking!

See ours Hiking gear reviews


hiking boots usa

I’m so glad I obtained some brand-new ones prior to I trekked the National Millennium Trails

9. Get Travel Insurance! 

If travelling around the world Travel insurance is ESSENTIAL!

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I used to think take trip insurance to be expensive, yet after law some study I discovered it to be really cheap!

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Getting hit v a large hospital invoice after acquiring sick or injured, can really include to her worries! acquire some take trip Insurance

10. Too much Planning!?

Is plan your own trip is getting time consuming and stressful? an ordered tour could be a good option because that you!