The Hot and Sticki shot is make from Stoli Sticki honey vodka and also Stoli warm jalapeno vodka, and also served in a chilled shooting glass.

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S and also V

The S and V cocktail cooking recipes is a red fancy drink made from Clement Premiere Canne rum, creole Shrubb orange liqueur, ruby port wine and also lime juice, and also serve din a cool cocktail glass.


S"More Tuaca

The S"More Tuaca is one orange drink made from Tuaca vanilla citrus liqueur, coco syrup and also marshmallow, and also served in a chilled shot glass.


S"mores and Cola

The S"mores and also Cola drink recipe is make from 3 Olives S"mores vodka, cola and also marshmallows, and also served over ice cream in a rocks glass.


S"mores hot Chocolate

The S"mores Hot coco drink cooking recipes is destined to it is in a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner classic. A brown colored cocktail make from 3 Olives S"mores vodka, hot chocolate, whipped cream, graham cracker and also marshmallows, and served in a heat Irish coffee glass.


Safe Sex ~ above the Beach

Just due to the fact that it"s a non-alcoholic drink doesn"t median it cannot be erotic. The safe Sex on the beach drink cooking recipes is do from peach juice, cranberry juice and also pineapple juice, and also served over ice cream in a Collins or highball glass.

Sage Advice

The Sage Advice cocktail cooking recipes is a savory drink do from VeeV acai spirit, sage, lime juice and an easy syrup, and served over ice in a small mason jar.

Saharan Martini

The Saharan Martini is a brown fancy cocktail make from Amarula cream liqueur, hazelnut liqueur, vodka and chocolate, and served in a chilled cocktail glass.

Saigon Smoothy

Love you long time, only 5 dollar! The Saigon Smoothy shot cooking recipes is made from vodka, watermelon liqueur and also condensed milk, and also served layered in a chilled shoot glass garnished with sesame seeds.

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Saint Petersburg

The Saint Petersburg cocktail is do from a couple of simple ingredients, combining to create a warming emotion in a small orange fancy drink. Made from vodka, orange bitters and also orange, and served over ice cream in a rocks glass.