Guide and also Walkthrough through Zerro0713

Treasure searching - ultimate Key

Now that you have the Ultimate Key, girlfriend can access several the those locked Barred jail Doors the you couldn"t enter previously.

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The complying with section is totally optional and also not compelled to win the game. If you space not interested in treasure searching then continue to the next Section that the walkthrough.

Pickham (Ultimate Key)

Power ShieldShieldYes
Mini Medal #77Mini Medal
Rune StaffStaffYes

Zoom come Pickham and once inside, head come the much north west part of city (where the Well and Item Shop space located. Beginning from the Well, look at south. You must see a door leading right into a building to the right. Get in this door. When inside, follow the hallway to the end where one Ultimate an essential door is located. Open the door and also open the chests inside for a Power Shield, Mini Medal #77, Mimic Chest, and Rune Staff.

Red"s location (Ultimate Key)

Red"s PlaceNameTypeAlchemy
Seed of AgilitySeedYes
Mini Medal #78Mini Medal
Spiked stole WhipWhip

Return come Red"s Place next. Enter her home. Wherein is she? hopefully not approximately no good. As soon as inside, rotate right and head under the stairs to the basement. Unlock the Ultimate crucial Door and open the chests because that a Seed of Agility, Garter, Mini Medal #78, and also Spiked steel Whip.

Trodain lock (Ultimate Key)

Seed the MagicSeedYes
Yggdrasil DewUsableYes
Mini Medal #79Mini Medal
Rusty Old SwordSwordYes

.Zoom to Castle Trodain. Head right into the door ~ above the appropriate side the the castle. Revolve to her right and you must see part stairs. Take them approximately the 2nd floor wherein you should immediately see an Ultimate crucial door. Open it and also open the chests for a Seed the Magic, Yggdrasil Dew, Mini Medal #79, and a Rusty Old Sword which you will have the ability to use in alchemy to create the finest sword in the game.

Argonia (Ultimate Key)

Skull RingAccessoryYes
Moon AxeAxe
Mini Medal #80Mini Medal

Zoom to Argonia and also then get in the castle. Head up to the 3rd Floor West Wing, pass v a couple of rooms and exit to the balcony. As soon as outside, turn left and you must see some water and also a small pathway. Follow the pathway to some stairs leading downward. At the bottom you need to see one Ultimate crucial Door. Walk inside and open the chests because that a Skull Ring (CURSED!), Moon Axe, and Mini Medal #80.

Club Le Puff Puff

Silver PlatterShieldYes
Mini Medal #81Mini Medal
Cameron"s CodexNumNameDescriptionStampsImages
057Adults Only!Photograph the within of club Le Puff Puff3


Start through heading to the Merchant Tent in Western Argonia. Then head north east, complying with the rock wall northward. Friend should have actually the the rock wall surface to your left and the river to her right. Monitor this narrow path until you with then finish where a Purple Door is located. Let"s check out what"s inside.

What an interesting place. Monitor the pathway right right into a room where there"s a girl dressed in a rabbit Suit alongside a lonely chair. Take a snapshot of this room for 057: adults Only! (Hope you all space adults *wink*). Speak come the girl for a really interesting scene.

Head right into the following room and search the drawers because that a Silver Platter and Mini Medal #81.

Arcadia (Ultimate Key)

Seed of MagicSeedYes
Titan BeltAccessoryYes
Mini Medal #82Mini Medal

Zoom come Arcadia and also then enter the Item Shop. Break into the Ultimate vital door and steal the owner"s Seed of Magic, Titan Belt, and Mini Medal #82.

Princess Minnie"s castle (Ultimate Key)

TreasureNameTypeAlchemyPrinces Minnie"s
Double-Edged SwordSwordYes
Seed of StrengthSeedYes
Mini Medal #83Mini Medal
Seed the LifeSeedYes
RecipesNameTypeUsedIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3RecipesNameTypeUsedIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3
Double-Edged SwordSwordYesUber Double-EdgeDevil"s Tail
Liquid steel SwordSwordYesRusty Old SwordSlime CrownOrichalcum
Metal King ArmourBody Liquid metal ArmourSlime CrownOrichalcum
Meteorite BracerAccessoryYesAgility RingAgility RingOrichalcum
Goddess RingAccessoryRecovery RingOrichalcum
Sorcerer"s RingAccessoryYesSkull RingSaint"s AshesSaint"s Ashes
Sage"s StoneUsable Gold NuggetOrichalcumYggdrasil Dew
Uber Double-EdgeSwordYesDouble-Edged SwordSaint"s AshesSaint"s Ashes
Rusty Old SwordSwordYesLiquid steel SwordMystifying MixtureCowpat
Skull RingAccessoryYesSorcerer"s RingDevil"s Tail

Return come Princess Minnie"s. Ns bet she misses you. Break into her Ultimate an essential Door come the appropriate for a Double-Edged Sword, particle of Strength, Mini Medal #83, and Seed of Life.

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Finally speak through Princess Minnie. She will provide you Orichalcum for having 83 Mini Medals. This is a rare material used in some top tiered recipes.