Xenon difluoride is a chemistry compound v chemical formula as XeF2. The is considered as a solid fluorinating agent. The is additionally one of the many stable compound of Xenon. The is additionally a moisture-sensitive substance favor other not natural covalent compounds. Numerous students may have actually doubts regarding whether XeF2 is polar or not. In this article, us will comment on this in detail and will also cover the properties and also applications.

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So, Is XeF2 Polar or Nonpolar? XeF2 is nonpolar in nature due to the fact that of that is linear-shaped geometry having fluorine atom symmetrically top top both sides of the xenon atom. However Xe-F link is polar because the electronegativity that Xe and also F is different yet the polarity the both Xe-F bonds gets canceled by each other resulting in a nonpolar XeF2 molecule.

Xenon difluoride exists as a thick white solid at room temperature. It is just one of the most stable link of the Xenon family.

It decomposes on call with vapors and light, however if save on computer properly, it is a secure substance.

It was uncovered in the year around 1962.

The crystal framework of the XeF2 substance includes parallel units of XeF2 associated with every other.

The molecular mass of Xenon difluoride is calculated as below:

Mol fixed of XeF2 = 1* 131 (Mol mass of Xe) + 2 * 55.8 (Mol mass of F) = 169.29 g·mol−1.

If us talk around the chemical composition that XeF2, the molecule has 2 atom of Fluorine and also 1 atom the Xenon.

The Xenon is a central atom surrounding by Fluorine atoms on the both side associated to Xenon through covalent bonds.

XeF2 is synthesized when a mixture the xenon and fluorine is cook in a sealed nickel vessel. In ~ 400 degrees Celcius in the ratio of 2:1.

Xe + F2 —–heated—–> XeF2

In a covalent bond in between two atoms, both atom share the electrons of each various other in order to finish its octet. Similarly, in XeF2 molecule, Xe and also F atoms shares atom of each other in stimulate to kind a stable molecule.

The Electronegativity of one atom is its toughness of attracting the external inspection pair electrons towards it. An ext electronegative atom attracts the bonded pair electron with an ext influence.

The electronegativity the the xenon atom is 2.6 and also that the fluorine is around 3.98. Therefore, fluorine is greater electronegative 보다 xenon.

As a result, the fluorine atom attracts the external inspection electron pair slightly much more towards itself and gains a partial an unfavorable charge on it.

And the xenon atom gains a partial positive charge ~ above it.

The polarity in the Xe-F bond ensures non zero dipole minute originating indigenous xenon come fluorine atom (Xe->F).

But as result of the direct structure ie; symmetrical, the dipoles of both Xe-F bonds obtain canceled by every other leading to a nonpolar XeF2 molecule.


What room Polar and Nonpolar Molecules?

The molecules that are hosted by the covalent bond forces can be polar and also nonpolar relying on various determinants like electronegativity, dipole moment, and also geometric framework of the molecule.

Polar Molecules: The molecule that have actually non zero value of your dipole minute are polar in nature.

These molecules have actually unequal circulation of charge on the atoms. It way atoms re-publishing an uneven proportion of charge.

The bond developed by two atoms is claimed to be polar if both atoms differ in their electronegativity.

Few instances of together molecules room OF2, CO. You can examine out the reason for the polarity of CO.

Nonpolar Molecules: The molecules that have actually zero dipole moment are nonpolar in nature. These molecules have actually equal charge circulation on their atoms.

The atoms of nonpolar molecule share equal charge. The covalent bond formed by two atoms is claimed to it is in nonpolar if both atoms have actually equal electronegativity.

Few examples of such atoms are Hexane, SO3, O2, etc. Girlfriend can examine out the reason for the non-polarity that Cl2.

Why is XeF2 a nonpolar molecule?

Xenon difluoride consists of 2 fluorine atoms and one xenon atom. Xe and F atoms form covalent bonds through each other.

Being much more electronegative, the fluorine atom attracts the external inspection electron pair slightly much more towards it and also gains a partial negative charge.

On the various other hand, the xenon atom profit a partial hopeful charge.

Due come the difference between the electronegativity that fluorine and xenon atom, the molecule of XeF2 ensures non zero dipole minute originating in the direction that fluorine.

The dipole minute of a molecule is the measure of the polarity.

Both Xe-F atoms have equal dipole moment yet in the contrary direction of every other because of which the net dipole moment of the entire molecule transforms out to be zero.

Therefore, the Dipole moment of XeF2 is 0 D.

Have a look at the below image the the geometrical structure of the XeF2 molecule.


Factors influence polarity of a molecule

Electronegativity: it is termed as the toughness of an atom to attract the external inspection pair electrons towards its side. The greater electronegative atom attracts the external inspection electrons slightly more towards that side.

If over there is a difference between the electronegativity of 2 atoms forming a covalent bond, the polarity rises in such bonds.

The polarity that a molecule is directly proportional to the difference between the electronegativity of two atoms forming that molecule.

Geometrical shape: The form of a molecule is vital parameter to inspect whether a molecule is polar or not.

The symmetrically shaped molecules space nonpolar in nature conversely, the molecule that is asymmetric is polar in nature.

Dipole Moment: The molecule’s polarity is measured by its dipole moment. That is denoted through D. The SI unit is Debye.

The molecules that room nonpolar have 0 dipole moment value.

It is a vector quantity ie; have actually magnitude as well as direction.

D = Q * R

Properties the XeF2

Xenon difluoride is thought about as a powerful fluorinating agent.This substance exists as a white solid crystal in appearance.It decomposes in the visibility of light and also vapors. But if save properly, it is among the many stable xenon compounds.The density of this substance 4.32 g/cm³.The molecule mass the xenon difluoride is 169.29 g/mol.Its melting point is 128.6 °C or 263.5 °F, and also its boiling allude is approximately 155 °C.This substance is insoluble in water.

Uses that XeF2

It is offered for the objective of detection and also determination of very little amounts of iodine top top the basis of the oxidation the iodine to periodate.It is additionally used as an antiseptic ie; to kill bacteria.


Xenon difluoride molecule is composed of one xenon atom surrounding by two fluorine atoms on both sides.

The Xenon and also fluorine atoms differ in the electronegativity due to which polarity and dipole in the Xe-F bond generate.

But as result of symmetric (linear-shaped) the the molecule, the dipoles gain canceled by every other leading to a nonpolar XeF2 molecule.

Therefore, as result of these reasons, XeF2 is a nonpolar molecule.

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Guys, if you have any type of questions about the non-polarity the XeF2, you have the right to ask castle in the comment section. We will reach out to girlfriend as shortly as possible.