The man voted “Country Music’s hottest Bachelor” will certainly soon give up the title as Scotty McCreery and his longtime girl friend Gabi Dugal are engaged. The pair plans to wed in 2018.McCreery proposed to the love of his life now at among their favorite places on the planet: the hills of phibìc Carolina near grand Mountain. The singer/songwriter inquiry Dugal to go on a hike v him on your favorite trail, i m sorry they uncovered just critical year. Walking up the mountain, the ACM, BMI and CMT award winner patiently waited because that the perfect moment to ask his all-important question. As soon as the two arrived on top the the mountain surrounded through stunning see of lush environment-friendly forests, McCreery got down top top one knee, gift a ring he had actually helped architecture specifically because that her, and asked Dugal to be his wife.“I’ve to be planning this minute for so lengthy that the feels surreal because that it to have ultimately happened,” stated an overjoyed McCreery. “Gabi is the perfect girl and my true love, and I can not wait to begin building our life with each other as husband and also wife.”The pair met in kindergarten in Garner, north Carolina wherein the young entertainer made enough of one impression ~ above Dugal that she created “Mrs. Gabi McCreery” encircled through hearts in her diary in ~ the time. The two friends flourished up together in the close-knit community, and also began dating nearly six years back during their an elderly year at Garner High School. Dugal has showed up in number of of McCreery’s music videos, including “The Trouble v Girls,” “Feelin’ It,” and “Five an ext Minutes.” In his book Go large or go Home: The Journey towards the Dream which to be released in 2016, McCreery carried their romance right into the publicly spotlight. She frequently accompanies him in ~ award shows, red carpets, and events, and has winner the respect and adoration of his fans.“My pan instantly embraced Gabi when they learned us were dating and have always been loving towards her,” claimed McCreery. “When she graduated college last year, countless of them brought me gifts for she at my shows and book signings. I will always appreciate their kindness to her.”Dugal is a graduate of the university of north Carolina, and currently functions as a pediatric cardiac nurse at fight it out University Hospital.McCreery is at this time on the nation singles charts with his poignant peak 40-and-climbing hit single “Five much more Minutes” i beg your pardon has currently received an ext than 22 million streams. The music video, i beg your pardon debuted top top People.com in May, has been number one top top GAC-TV’s “Great American top 20 Countdown” for six weeks.

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The entertainment artist has been in the record studio working on his brand-new album, which will certainly be released on his brand-new label home, Triple Tigers documents / Sony Music Entertainment, in 2018. He to be the surprise opening act for Garth Brooks in Sioux Falls, south Dakota last Friday (9/22) come the enthusiastically screaming happiness of almost 13,000 fans.