For anyone that loves fried chicken — and who doesn\"t — Popeyes could be as close together we can hope to obtain to heaven while tho on earth. They\"re known for your deliciously, consistently crunchy skin, their brand-new Orleans-inspired flavor, and also their sides that room so good, you could make a meal of lock alone. Simply looking at images of their fried chicken is sufficient to acquire your mouth watering, and also it doesn\"t take lot to gain stalwart pan craving a fix. And also if friend haven\"t been there, you have to start making to plan to acquire to one soon.

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But, what have to you know before you walk there? whether you do it a continual stop in your quick food rotation, if you\"ve never ever been over there before, or if every this hype roughly their new chicken sandwich is remind you the you need to go back, there room some points you must know before you follow the smell the frying chicken and head right into Popeyes.

Fried chicken is among those things that have to be considered more of a treat than a continuous menu staple, and also everyone to know it\"s not the healthiest chicken option out there. However when it concerns Popeyes, there\"s bad news because that fans — it\"s particularly bad. 

Let\"s take just a couple of examples, beginning with their chicken sandwich. Among Popeyes\" brand-new and insanely well-known sandwiches comes v a shocking 690 calories, 42 grams the fat, and 1,443 mg that sodium. That simply sounds terrible, and also it is. It\"s made also worse as soon as you compare the to Chick-fil-A\"s chicken sandwich, which comes through 440 calories, 19 grams that fat, and also 1,350 mg that sodium. Nutritionists the spoke through Healthline stressed the neither the these room actually an excellent for you, yet the numbers show that one\"s definitely much better than the other... Nutrition-wise, at least. 

Now, let\"s speak you want some fries to go through that. Ask for a large order the Cajun fries at Popeyes and also you\"ll have actually a next that\"s 770 calories, 41 grams that fat, and also 1,700 mg of sodium. Walk for a huge order the Chick-fil-A\"s waffle fries, and you\"ll be adding on 460 calories, 24 grams the fat, and just 370 grams that sodium. It\"s absolutely something to keep in mind as soon as you\"re stepping as much as order... And factoring in what you\"re going come eat because that the rest of the day.

It\"s a quite standard thing to order as soon as you hit any kind of fast food joint: an entree, part fries, and also a drink. The extras are just that — extras — and you could not think twice around throwing on some sides. Yet if you\"re watching her waistline, you should recognize that Popeyes\" sides deserve to be downright dangerous. 

Especially when it concerns those biscuits, because who have the right to eat simply one? Unfortunately, all that goodness comes v 260 calories, 15 grams that fat, and also 450 mg that sodium. Per biscuit! To placed that in perspective, you\"d only have to eat 3 biscuits come hit the American love Association\"s indict for how much salt you should ideally have in a single day.

And that\"s not even the only horrible choice you have the right to make. Litter on a huge red beans and rice, and you\"re acquiring 690 calories and also 1,740 mg of sodium. Think cole slaw is walking to it is in at least decent? The huge there comes with 660 calories and 900 mg that sodium. The ethical of the story is that together tempting together it could be, you most likely don\"t want to order whatever you think you want from Popeyes... In ~ least, no in a single trip.

While you could not suppose a place recognized for your fried chicken to have actually much in the means of choices for vegetarians, it\"s such a famous lifestyle choice that you\"d expect they would at least make some things available. There\"s always a vegetarian or two in a team of friends, and also there\"s no factor they must be left the end of lunch. 

But at Popeyes, they pretty lot are. Follow to your FAQ, over there are just a couple of choices because that anyone who\"s looking for cut down on their meat consumption. The just things they say are vegetarian space the cole slaw, the potatoes, and the rice. And here\"s the important component — that\"s potatoes just if girlfriend skip the gravy, and just the rice — but not the beans. That\"s... Sad. The corn ~ above the cob, mac and cheese, and biscuits are also meat-free. 

Why space those the only options? follow to Verywell Fit, the green beans space made with turkey bacon, and the red beans room made v pork fat. 

The corn ~ above the cob without butter is the only option for anyone who\"s vegan. If you need to drag your vegetarian or vegan girlfriend along, at the very least let them choose the next place — because there\"s not lot at Popeyes for them.

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When Vox talked to part Popeyes employees in the days approximately The great Chicken Sandwich Outage that 2019, they discovered employees that weren\"t simply exhausted, yet who were placing up with more abuse 보다 anyone should have to. 

One manager spent so much time on her feet — functioning 12-hour days after an employee unexpectedly quit under the chaotic pressure — that her legs went numb... And feeling didn\"t come back. Present were out the door because that hours, they weren\"t able to take breaks or sit down, and when things started running out, people got angry. Customers yelled and screamed and also some even threatened to come earlier with guns. 

And some did. Follow to The Guardian, police were called to a Popeyes in Houston in September that 2019 after a guy pulled a total on the drive-thru employee that told the they were offered out that chicken sandwiches. The team of three men and two females then left their infant in the car and also tried to pressure their means into the restaurant — which employee fortunately had time to lock. Then, NBC reported that a Tennessee male actually filed a lawsuit versus Popeyes for running out of chicken sandwiches (he claimed he to be hustled by a Craigslist ad that promised sandwiches, climate damaged his auto while control to miscellaneous locations... Then experienced emotional distress when his friends laugh at him). 

So seriously, as soon as you go there, cut them part slack. They\"ve been with a lot.

You certainly need to try the Cajun Sparkle

Go ahead, ask for extra — it\"s behind the counter. Even if there\"s nothing rather on your must-have perform for Popeyes, Cajun Sparkle should certainly be there. It\"s the point that elevates fried chicken into something you simply know came ideal out of brand-new Orleans, and also according to First we Feast, it\"s the secret ingredient that retained chefs choose Anthony Bourdain going ago for more. 

Just how crucial is it? as soon as Popeyes founder Al Copeland traded his donut was standing for a fried chicken stand in 1972, he simply did so-so. Once he switched up the spice, though, that\"s once things yes, really took off. It was so essential to him that once he ultimately sold the chain, his Cajun summer sprouts wasn\"t a component of the deal. He continued to fee Popeyes a licensing fee to usage the signature seasoning for much more than 20 years, till 2014. That\"s when they payment a shocking $43 million just because that the rights to the freckles blend

And here\"s the brilliant point — you can ask because that extra packets the it, so there\"s nothing maintaining you native stashing part to take home. Will it do your very own fried chicken as great as Popeyes\"? most likely not, yet it\"ll make her popcorn seriously stellar.

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If you simply go come Popeyes and order off the menu, you\"re no doing it wrong, necessarily, but you\"re absent out. ~ above what? part awesome an enig menu items. 

One, states Mental Floss, will help you eat a little healthier there. If you ask for your chicken \"naked,\" you\"ll acquire it without the signature breading. You\"ll miss out top top the crunch, but if you require your deal with it might just be worth it. 

Anything else? certain is! Oprah Magazine states there are a few tricks you must know. Bespeak a next of gravy, and use that over your Cajun fries or over her rice because that seriously next-level sides. Desire a different way to gain that crispy chicken skin? Peel the off, fill it v your rice or beans and your shredded chicken, then fold it into a taco. Best tortilla ever? Possibly!

There\"s a super simple way to order you yourself a tasty and unique dessert, too. Ask for a little of cinnamon street on the side, and also order one extra biscuit. Sprinkle for something that\"s buttery, sweet, and also savory all in one, and that\"s the perfect method to end the meal.

It\"s no mystery that employee see points that customers never do, therefore what carry out they need to say as soon as it involves what you shouldn\"t order? 

There space a few things part Popeyes employees have warned customers about. According to one employee act a IAmA Reddit thread, it to be their endure that spicy chicken didn\"t market as quickly as the regular, and would have tendency to sit much longer than the 30-minute time limit the was claimed to it is in implemented. They said the exact same thing the the fish, noting the it just wasn\"t popular sufficient to sell out quickly. 

Another employee warned of another item: the mac and cheese. While lock said various other sides choose the red beans and also rice were typically super fresh, the mac and cheese was of questionable consistency — particularly given the price sign attached to it. 

So, here\"s the following question: when is the finest time to go to make sure you\"re getting the freshest chicken? Is there such a time? Yes, follow to one Redditor, who says customers must come either right once the restaurant opens, approximately 2 p.m., or about 5 p.m. That\"s once chicken has actually the greatest turnover, and also that\"s an excellent information to know.

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If you\"re searching for a good way to aid yourself feel not so guilty ~ your expedition to Popeyes, there\"s in reality something super simple you have the right to do to conserve yourself a ton the fat and calories: skip the sauces, or in ~ least select wisely. 

Some of them are pretty bad, specifically considering you\"re probably not simply using one packet, space you? You\"re most likely using 2 or three, and also they\"ll add up quick. 

Take the tartar sauce. The comes with 140 calories and 15 grams of fat per packet! choose ranch? That\"s acquired 150 calories and 15 grams the fat, too. Each one of those is virtually on par with having a totality biscuit, and that\"s just crazy. Then arrangement on using a few, and you\"re piling top top a ton of north fat and calories. 

Fortunately, there\"s good news. The sweet heat only has actually 70 calories and it\"s fat free, for this reason if you need to gain your sauce fix, you can opt for the one and also know you\"re choosing wisely. 

If you\"re concerned around how her food is sourced, there\"s other you should know around Popeyes: they\"ve been repeatedly behind the times as soon as it pertains to sourcing their chickens under accuse of responsible antibiotic use. 

For many people, that\"s a large deal. The use of antibiotics in livestock is controversial, and research points come the fact that an extensive overuse interferes v the effectiveness of antibiotics and the resistance that microbes they fight. Go that concern you? the should, researchers say. 

And in the case, you might want to rethink Popeyes. Follow to Consumer Reports, 13 major chains had actually put policies and also practices in place roughly their sourcing by late 2019, and four an ext were in the process of placing guidelines in place. Numerous — including Popeyes — had actually yet to also write a policy.

And it\"s a large deal. Once Restaurant Brands global bought Popeyes in 2017, Fortune spoke with specialists who hoped it expected they would certainly be do antibiotic-free chicken a priority. Popeyes didn\"t respond to an inquiry and neither walk their parental company, and also years later, they\"re still lagging behind. If it\"s other that\"s essential to you, you can want to skip Popeyes — or, in ~ least, skip their chicken.