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In the complying with sentence is pages a direct object? If no WHY? " Allison gazes in ~ the pages."What renders this sentence various from the below." Allison has recieved a catalog."Thank you for her assistance.

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SOURCE OF concern & date OF RESPONSE Williamsport, Pennsylvania Tue, Oct 6, 1998GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEThe very first sentence contains a preposition phrase, "at the pages," the tells us where Allison is gazing (i.e., it"s acting as an adverb). The 2nd sentence consists of an actual direct object; the tells us what Allison received; it is the thing of Allison"s act of receiving, together it were. Ns hope this explanation doesn"t actually make things much more confusing for you!
QUESTIONHello. Would you read the following? ...; television watching rectal eye and also ear all at once in a consistent way and also leaves no room because that daydreaming. The is what makes watching tv such one inferior type of leisure -- not that it"s passive yet that it supplies so small opportunity because that reflection. My concern is:What does the in "That is what provides ..." refer to? My girlfriend maintains the it refers to the previous sentence "television watching occupies ... Fordaydreaming." i think, however, that it refers to the following clause "that it provides so littleopportunity for reflection". (Does this "reflection mean "thinking"?) i m sorry is right? Or both parts average the similar thing? I"d evaluate your assist on this. Say thanks to you an extremely much. SOURCE OF inquiry & day OF RESPONSE Saporro, Japan Wed, Oct 7, 1998GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEYes, the indefinite pronoun, "that" refers to the whole preceding sentence. I suppose this is what makes pronouns so tricky; they can refer to single words, entirety sentences, even totality paragraphs. And also yes, "reflection," in this case, method thinking.
QUESTIONI would like your answer come this: What is the topic of the adhering to sentence: "Making its figure in the 1940s was a brand-new kind the painting."Could girlfriend please market an explanation of your choice, also? give thanks to youSOURCE OF inquiry & day OF RESPONSE Hagerstown, Maryland Wed, Oct 7, 1998GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEI think what you"ve got here is an turning back sentence -- one in i beg your pardon the subject, "a brand-new kind," appears after the verb. At the beginning of the sentence you have a participial phrase modifying the subject. This is fairly a journalistic type of inversion, offered to lug focus top top the last component of the sentence. Authority: A college Grammar of English by Randolph Quirk and also Sidney Greenbaum. Longman Group: Essex, England. 1993. Offered with permission. P. 414.
QUESTIONDoes words "PREMIUM" have a plural form (i.e. Premia, premiums) or is it plural already?SOURCE OF question & date OF RESPONSE Atlanta, Georgia Wed, Oct 7, 1998GRAMMAR"S RESPONSENormally, that word is a noncount noun (the premium we placed on great performance, for instance) and we wouldn"t pluralize it. However, there is the meaning of "something given totally free or in ~ a diminished price with the acquisition of a product or service," and surely someone deserve to offer more than one premium -- premiums. In ~ this point in the word"s history, i doubt if anyone worries about its Latin beginnings.
QUESTIONIn a sentence such together this: "We serve numerous clients including Joe, Bob, and George."Should over there be a dot mark before the indigenous "including"?Also, inverted, should the sentence read:"Including Joe, Bob, and George; we serve numerous clients."Or is the semicolon just goofy?Thank you.SOURCE OF question & day OF RESPONSE Schaumburg, Illinois Wed, Oct 7, 1998GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEThe comma before including is optional -- depending on how much of one afterthought that is that you"re consisting of Joe, Bob, and George top top this list. You might even use a dash to set off this afterthought, yet that"s a little bit unlikely. The word goofy doesn"t precisely leap into mind as a summary of the semicolon, and I can even see part logic to it -- yet it wouldn"t be correct; the comma will suffice.
QUESTIONWhen you personalize something, favor for example:It to be Casey"s toy. Is the aprostrophe "s or after the s?SOURCE OF concern & date OF RESPONSE Los Angeles, California Wed, Oct 7, 1998GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEI"m not sure what you typical by "personalizing" something. Every little thing Casey is, the toy belongs come Casey, and also we would certainly write this possessive, "Casey"s toy."
QUESTIONI have trouble v verbs and also nouns. Can you aid me?SOURCE OF concern & day OF RESPONSE Barnesville, Georgia Wed, Oct 7, 1998GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEYou"ve acquired yourself a people of trouble then. Please evaluation the part on Nouns and also Verbs, take all the pertinent quizzes, and then write back if friend still have questions -- an ext specific questions, i hope.
QUESTIONI"m confused when the word "mayor" must be capitalized.Three examples:The mayor of Northdale do an announcement.The mayor offers a speech on Ben Franklin Avenue.The mayor buys a turkey at the Tom Turkey Market.First the all, space these exactly the method they are written? and also how perform I understand when to capitalize "mayor" and also when to leave it in lower instance only?SOURCE OF concern & date OF RESPONSE Somewhere, Pennsylvania Wed, Oct 7, 1998GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEThe tendency in many writing manuals nowadays is come recommend no capitalizing such titles unless they"re actually part of someone"s name, as in "The conference was called to stimulate by market Duffy." Otherwise, leaving it in lower case.

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QUESTIONWhat does compound predicate mean and also what are compound subject parts ?SOURCE OF inquiry & date OF RESPONSE Perry Hall, Maryland Wed, Oct 7, 1998GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEA link predicate means that more than one thing is going on v the subject. "McGwire damaged the home-run record and also made himself a hall of call candidate." The two components of the property are connected by "and." A compound subject can be as an easy and "Joe and also I saw the movies." I"m no sure exactly how the native "parts" is being offered in your question -- the compound subject, "Joe and also I," has two parts. I hope this answers her question.
QUESTIONWhen should i make message bold in a document?SOURCE OF question & day OF RESPONSE new Delhi, India Wed, Oct 7, 1998GRAMMAR"S RESPONSEIf you"re talking about academic message or material developed for publication somewhere else (not desktop computer publication), the answer is probably never. Both the MLA Handboook and the APA Manual completely ignore such features of modern word processing. It"s probably simply as well; some students would certainly go nuts and also make every other word interlocutor or in italics or purple.
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